It didn’t go as I planned #DnD #Pathfinder

The boys had a hard time this week, as we returned to the game. My grand idea of exposing them to new ideas, concepts and rules didn’t go very smoothly. And I take most of the blame, I should have looked at things from a more critical perspective. And not let the game fall victim to the overall story arc. But in the end do these kids look all that upset?


It was late afternoon in the hills as the companions settled down to rest. With 2 on guard for who knew what was coming. They got their first taste as a few zombies came wandering up the hill. Belial and Kathren were able to rush out and quickly dispatch the zombies. An hour later more zombies came, this time in greater numbers. But again they were dispatched with almost painful ease. 

Then as darkness began to fall more creatures came. This time not just human, but beasts, small and large. More work was needed as all had to pitch in against the attackers. Gradually the group began to separate and take what rest they could as they kept being attacked. 

And then the next attack brought new horrors. Shadows, Wights, and undead ogres all came. It was again a tough fight, but it soon came to an end. This time both Kathren and Bobjon sought to rest, while Fish and Belial stood guard. But the ensuing and last assault was too much.

The Shadows came on in a great wave, surrounding Bobjon, Fish and Belial. Fish went down under their surge first, followed by Bobjon, who could barely move his hands to cast spells. And the Belial was overcome, leaving Kathren to try and hold back the wights and monstrous creatures alone.

But then daylight appeared, a horn sounded, and the Great Hunt arrived, scattering and killing off the Undead creatures. After reviving the fallen heroes the leader of the Hunt gave them a speech:

“Greetings Elves of the Sword Coast, you are a long way from home. But know that you are soon to find that you are here for a purpose. There is much death in this land. Far too much, the balance of this land has come undone.


It will fall to you to help restore that balance. You will soon receive a sign about where to go to help save this part of the land. And after that you must help in the coming days. Know that what this land now needs above all is life, new living things and beings. So you must not be quick to destroy and kill all who come.


You must help the people of this land restore their balance, and help direct those beings who will come to this land. Not all who come will be welcome, or will come with intentions of destruction. Here you must help to prevent unnecessary destruction of life.


Too much further destruction of life in this land would be too much to overcome, it will become a wasteland, home only to death and chaos. Even now other forces are coming, hearing the sounds of suffering, and sense an opening for their kind and a chance to build a stronghold of their own.

You must help defeat the forces of death and destruction, but you must not be quick to destroy life, no matter how different or hostile that life may be. For more destruction of life will only result in helping the forces of death.”

With that warning he departed, along with the hunt. And the group was able to rest the remainder of the night. The next day the prayers of Fish and Belial gave them a vision of the Scrolls of Kiba, laying in the city to the south, Scrolls that would protect Makori and the surrounding area from the Undead scourge. 


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