Turning their eyes to the North, something wicked awakes

Another piece of fiction, building up what is to come in the Boy’s campaign

The court was especially active today. All had felt the massive surges of power. Some of the lesser ghosts had even exploded with the massive surplus of energy. But all who were assembling were anxious to hear the Proclamation of the Archduke. Gradually the Court filled up, Vampires, Wraiths, Wights, and even a couple of the notoriously loner Lich’s, all who could come were there.

A deeper than usual silence and cold spread through the room as the Archduke came into the room and settled on his throne. He casually waved his hand to signal that all could be at ease while he issued his proclamation, telling of what happened, and what was now allowed.

‘I know you all felt the effects of the dark ritual that was conducted in the north. I am glad to inform you that the work of our demonic allies was more successful than expected. Fooling and altering the ritual so that instead of using the life force of the Chaos lands against itself the ritual instead pulled it’s power from the life force of all the beings in the Empire of Tairaku. As a result, while the Chaos lands were severely damaged and weakened, the power of the Empire was crippled. All of the reports I have gathered that anywhere from a half to two thirds of the citizens of the Empire perished.

In addition the wards that had kept the mountains of the West are now gone, without the Mages and Priests to maintain them. So it is expected that there will be a surge of barbaric invasions of the Empire from that quarter. What is left of the Empire and it’s Clans will soon be swept up in trying to hold off invasions, and likely Civil War. This means that it is now our time, time to spread out from our small lands, and lay claim to what was once ours.’

So I proclaim now, to all who wish, it is encouraged that you take what retinues and guards that you have, and head North and East. Lay claim to the bodies and souls of all who perished. Claim the lands for us. Use the massive energy now out there to power your own rituals. Make this land ours once again, no longer the Empire of Tairaku, but the Kingdom of Darkness!’

With the end of the speech the beings surged out of the court. With the normal silence and speed that could only be found in the court of the Vampire Lord. Soon after the gates of the city opened and the upstart Lady Teodra and her guard left in a rush. Followed a day later by the Wraith Mawkra and his Giant bodyguards. Other gates opened as other Lords and Ladies left in other directions.

And in the city the Archduke walked up to the Temple of Light, smoothly opening the door and walked in. He could feel the residual power of the Scrolls of Light, but knew they held no power over him until they were once again placed in consecrated ground. He walked into the sanctuary and stopped, bowing to his guardian. 

‘I am certain that some will come for the Scrolls. I will make certain to harry them, so when they get here they will be weakened. As agreed you will finish them, and be allowed to keep what treasure they have. I thank you for your service.’

The Archduke left then, wishing again that he could destroy the Scrolls or use some of his guards. But they held enough power that he had to employ a living guardian.


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