That feeling is why Role Playing is my favorite #Roleplaying #Pathfinder

Viper was still not completely sure why he was here. These fellows, especially Thorvald kept talking about this lost mail, and how it was their quest to find this mail and return it to the village where it belonged. Why a bunch of papers and letters would have any value was pretty much beyond him, being the feral creature of the wild that he was. What he did know was there they were, transported to what had been called the Orc Wastes, looking at a hill and makeshift palisade that was referred to as a Keep. And atop those towers and walls were a bunch of Hill Giants, not Orcs. He was a little upset, he thought they would be fighting Orcs, but everyone seemed excited to fight Giants, especially Thorvald.

Yesterday I played in my Denver Pathfinder game. It was a long session, lasting a good 6 hours at least. We fought 2 big battles. Killing many Giants, forcing many others to surrender or flee. In the end having to fight a long drawn out battle against an overwhelming opponent that almost literally drained all of the characters. But we found what we were there for, and in 2 weeks we just have to figure out how to get back to our home base to complete the mission.

But at the end, when my character delivered the final blow to the big guy, it was such a rush. There was a yell for joy, an round of high fives for everyone at the table. It was just amazing. And that is feeling I cannot get anywhere else. The closest I can get is to maybe making a shot in basketball or a catch in a football game off a good pass. Something where the whole group can celebrate. Because that is the closest it comes. A final move to complete a total team effort. I don’t get that feeling watching a sporting event, even if it is one of my kids.

I certainly don’t get that feeling playing a board game. Or any video game. There just is not the cooperative effort in those things. And of course watching an event loses the participation feeling, like you did something to achieve that success. It can feel a little like that at a live event, but it’s not the same, because I know I was still just watching and cheering, rather than being a part of the action. There is just nothing like that feeling in the world for me.


A tired Viper looked at the Giant Shaman and swung once more with his scimitar. He knew that if they did not find a way soon there might be no way out there. This monstrosity was certainly far bigger and stronger than they expected when they charged into the basement, full of vigor after vanquishing and chasing off the rest of the giants. It had been a brutally long battle, using up virtually all of the reserves the party had. Everyone was injured, some heavily so.

They had killed the giant wolf, and chased off the massive Earth spirit. But the Shaman seemed far stronger and tougher than any of them had expected. But he knew that there was no going back. It was kill this creature now, or face a chase. So he swung with all the might that he could muster.

And again he connected, this time striking home a little bit better, he could feel his blade striking home. He spun and swung once more, again connecting, and at last the mighty Giant fell. He was overjoyed, buoyed by the spirits, knowing that this part of the lands could live a little easier without the scourge of Giants destroying the area. And yes, Thorvald was happy as he announced that they could finally collect all the mail. and they could return home victoriously.

Only then did it dawn on him to ask the question. Where was home? Where were they exactly? And how long would it take to get home and what dangers lay along that path. What he did know was that he felt that with this band of companions he could handle anything along that journey.


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