Excited by the new worlds and directions #StarWars #Warzone #Roleplaying

Okay, I got a little carried away this week. The gaming budget took a serious hit. But I am excited about it all. I got some new things to share with the boys and other folks who might be interested. And while I have lots of cool games to play with, some times something new is fun just for the sake of new. Now it is time to share a little of what I got.

I got this today! And I am excited to dig into it. Read up on these rules, and be ready when the boys reach a point where they are ready for something else. That point remains a while off unless I miss my guess, but it will arrive some time.

That’s the front of the new Star Wars game starter box. Like all the good starter games it will get the players going, and theoretically offer enough for a couple of sessions and get their noses wet.  

Boy that’s a lot of stuff to parse out! There’s the adventure book, the rule book, a map, counters, and what amounts to character sheets. There are two very apparent things right away. I can’t just get away with just carrying 1 rule book and some dice with this game. And it is probably a good thing I am beginning to up the ante as far as game complexity now, because this is clearly another step up the curve.

But it is an exciting thing to ponder, and look forward to learning. Learning new games is fun, and I think the Star Wars universe is a huge territory that is only in recent years opening up for the table top hobby. I personally think that a well done and supported table top miniatures game could potentially be a Games Workshop killer. Which leads me to my other purchase of the week.

Many years ago, in the mid ’90s, there was a game released called Warzone. And this table top game, following up on the Mutant Chronicles role playing game had a huge amount of potential. There was even a time when it seemed like it might overtake the Games Workshop games in popularity. And I personally loved it, I bought several armies, loved painting them, and coming up with armies and campaigns.

Poor management, bad inventory, and other decisions doomed the game. It still held on through 2 more editions. Although the third was really just a product of love by some of the the hobbyists who somehow managed to scrape together the funds to buy the license for a time. But the damage was done, and while I held on to the miniatures, and occasionally got them out for my own amusement, it was a dead game.

Well last year I found out that a company in the UK had the licenses and was finally coming out with a new edition and miniatures. Given that it was funded by Kickstarter, and in the UK I did not get in on the game. Until recently I found out that it could finally be purchased. Which I did this week.

Almost immediately I wondered why I did. Who would I play with? Since the game changed up its scale a little some of my miniatures may not work. But you know what? Who cares? I have new rules, and if we ever reclaim the basement from the vagaries of summer storms I can pull this out, and my miniatures and play. And maybe teach the boys the joys of table top gaming, without subjecting them to the universal money suck that is Games Workshop.

There you have it. New games, new possible directions for gaming. And excitement, wonderful new things to dig into at my leisure.


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