Journey to Kiba #Pathfinder #Roleplaying

Spurred by the divine messages sent to Fish and Belial the group undertook the dangerous mission to the ruined old city of Kiba. They had seen the aftermath of the Night of Sorrow on Makori, and new that the town could not withstand many more nights of these type of attacks. And as the clouds of the Hills of Sorrow expanded north it was clear that more attacks were coming.

So the group headed south, trying to follow the ancient road path. The days journey was safe from attack initially. It wasn’t until they set up camp that they had their first encounter.

In the pitch black of the Hills of Sorrow the group had a fire and were resting with Fish and Kathren on guard. Thus it was little surprise that they were caught by surprised when the skeletal guard of Lady Teodra appeared in the light. They raised the 2 sleepers and the Kathren charged forward as she normally did, with her typical bloodthirstiness.

It was a surprise when the Lady’s 5 Death dogs came howling out of the shadows to attack Kathren. But the Skeletal Guard had little chance to prepare as the fireballs of Bobjon blew them apart. The Lady Teodra would have nothing of this disrespect and countered with a fireball of her own.  This did not slow the slaughter of her Dogs at the hands of Kathren and Belial.

The remaining guards formed up in a defensive formation but this did little good as another of Bobjon’s fireballs sent them back to the ground from which they came. Kathren charged towards the Lady’s carriage in hopes of defeating whatever lay in it. But found nothing, until she felt the bite of the Lady, who was hiding in her Invisibility to help her start to pick off these foul sun dwellers.

But the lady soon learned that Bobjon was not done with his fireballs, launching them all around Kathren. Teodra then sought to see if she could remove this pesky Sorcerer. But while she did get in one attack realized that it was not worth her own defeat to keep up the assault. She went into gaseous form and slipped away unnoticed, vowing that this group would face defeat another day.

The next day, having recovered the lost energy taken by Lady Teodra, the jouney continued. Deeper into the Hills of Sorrow, the group noticed that what little vegetation there was was gradually disappearing, giving way to dirt and rock. They managed to still create another campfire to cast some of the dark aside in the night time. But again, this did little to prevent the shock of seeing 2 skeletal giants walk into view.

Belial and Kathren again leapt to the attack. But not before first taking considerable damage from the giants clubs. Bobjon was prevented from assisting as the owner of the Giants, the wraith lord Mockra, attacked out of the shadows.  Kathren unleashed a mighty flurry of blows, overcoming the armor and size of the giant to destroy it with sudden dispatch. In the meantime Fish stepped to help a weakened Bobjon, who the Wraithlord had nearly extinguished. Until the attack of fireballs and the channeling of Fish finally banished the Wraith. Whilst the last giant was unable to withstand the attacks of Belial and Kathren.

After another restorative round of healing from Fish the group took up the last leg of their journey. Coming to a dark, sluggish and deadly looking river with only one stone bridge. And on the other bank came a Skeleton patrol. This time the group was able to prepare and met the charge of the dead knights with fire and steel, quickly dispatching the last guards between them and the ruined city of Kiba, and their goal.

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