More learning, but much better this time #Pathfinder #Roleplaying

This session went much better for the boys overall. I think they are getting the hang of Pathfinder. And I am getting the hang of it as well. Or at least better hang of the rules. Still figuring out a decent threat level. And I went back to a more pen and paper method for notes, and that helped me at least.

I think the boys are starting to get a little more excited about what they can do for their characters with this system. It is a lot more versatile than 5E in terms of what you can do to beef up your character. Which I think appeals to a couple of the boys more.

The session itself was touch and go for a while, took a little work getting the boys settled down. But after that it started to roll smoother. the middle battle was definitely the best. Good combination of threat level and number of monsters. And then Jimmy rolled 3 Critical successes in a row, taking down a giant snicker snack. That turned things quickly.

Now I have one more session in the story arc for them to finish, then they can move to a different arc. This next session will be very challenging for them, but it will be well worth it. I have prepped the first part and think it will be a real shock to them. But I plan to break down why it was so tough after the fact, so they begin to realize the potential they have.

My biggest challenge is teamwork (or lack thereof.) If only I could figure out a way to get them to operate more as a team. That is really the biggest challenge, a couple of them want to work things out, others are almost random in their choices. It can be a little frustrating.

I am taking Jimmy up to Denver this week for a one time shot with my game group up there. I think he will have fun. And it will be very educational for him to see some experienced players operate together as a team. Prepping in advance for a battle, having a battle plan, things like that.

As an exercise I sat down today to write a document outlining everything the main 3 players have done since they were created. It really is a lot of stuff, I plan on sharing it with them when we play next as a reminder.

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