The naming was accurate

Viper looked around, tired, and satisfied, but knew this was just the beginning. The Orc scouts and their Wargs were all dead, but he knew that one had given warning to the main host, so more Orcs were coming. This battle was hard enough, it would take some of Desnae’s luck, Iomadae’s valor, and Thor’s might to survive the remainder of the day. 


Had another good time at my Denver game yesterday. I took Jimmy along and he had a great time. He was well behaved, and seemed to fit in as well as a teenager can with a group of adults. I was favorably impressed, and the other players seemed have no problem with his presence. And he just thought it was great, that they were a fun group of guys. And it seemed like they would welcome his return.

It wasn’t the longest or most productive session we have ever had. There were mitigating factors (one player showed up late.) But we survived the encounter and had a good time with it.


The mobility and striking power of the Orc’s surprised the group. There was very little cohesion, and the plan to take the battle to the enemy did not succeed nearly as well as it was hoped. But in the end Viper was happy. He busied himself chopping off the heads of the fallen Orcs, knowing that they did not have time for a fitting monument to the battle before the next attack.

He kept his mind busy crafting a plan for the coming battle. How to use the Orcs natural aggression and brute force against them. And how to keep the groups cohesion a little better, to better handle what damage might come. He had some good ideas. And he could satisfy himself with the knowledge that should his plans fail, and the God’s favor not shine upon the group, then he would die doing what he enjoyed most: killing Orcs. Yes, this would truly be a glorious way and a good day to die.


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