A couple of thoughts on gaming, planning and playing with my son #Roleplaying

Just a couple of thoughts to share, none of which merit a full post, but wanted to throw them out there. First, some thoughts on sharing role playing with Jimmy. Second, starting to have a lot of fun planning and creating this campaign. Third, I need to craft a role playing notebook.

I was in Middle school when my Dad first started letting me play on his soccer teams occasionally. I wasn’t all that good, and it definitely wasn’t top level adult competition. But it was fun for both of us, and I cherish those memories of my Dad sharing one of his hobbies with me. Well I have run a few races with Jimmy, but my running days are mostly over due to physical ailments. And I have little to no interest in his video and computer games. So I have really enjoyed the chance to share the role playing games with my son. I kind of doubt he will ever get the same level of excitement as I have for the hobby (although I could be wrong.) But it is still a fun thing to share.

I was in a little bit of a lull there as far as planning the next phase of my campaign, but that has ended. I am now overflowing with ideas. My mind is going almost a thousand different directions at once. I am creating a home town for the group. Creating multiple enemies and scenarios for them. Continuing to fill in the entire back story. It has all been lots of fun.

And part of that comes from working with Pathfinder. It is a crunchier system, more suited to the kind of elaborate and varied playing that we are now into. In D&D you can have a good variety of bad guys and monsters. But the rules in Pathfinder are better suited for taking a lizardman and turning him into a suitable foe.

And that leads to my last point. I almost need a notebook now for working with ideas. When I am at work I can have multiple tabs open for the rules and my notes. But I need a notebook I can carry easily along with my iPad where my rule books are stored. So I can jot something down when I am at home or in a restaurant. Because the ideas really are coming fast these days as the system gets more and more automatic.

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