A satisfying conclusion, even if they didn’t realize it #DnD #Roleplaying

The party entered the ruined city of Kiba, unsure what they would have to face next. Their walk to the ancient Temple was interrupted briefly by 2 groups of ghouls, neither of which did much to slow them down. Entering the courtyard of the Temple a scene of carnage lay before them, overseen by a statue of a warrior and wolf.

Well the journey to Kiba and the retrieval of the Scrolls of Life was successful. The group learned a little, about what it feels like to face a prepared enemy, and how good they can be if they prepare themselves. Jimmy thought I would be upset about how quickly they were able to take down the main opponent. But I really wasn’t, I didn’t want to kill them with this encounter. Instead it was a learning opportunity.

And I think they learned a few lessons. How to use the spells they have at their disposal to make their characters more powerful. The power of that ‘buff’ is really amazing when characters reach the level of the boys. And I think they really figured that out this time.

And they learned the lesson to not put all of their damage in the same category. With 2 of their most effective characters being limited due to their damage types they had to figure out work arounds. And now, after a spending spree, they are all armed with different attack types, instead of focusing on 1 thing.

And yes I learned some too, what I thought would be overpowering was actually relatively simple. And the group has become over balanced now, with the Fighter and Paladin now capable of dishing out huge amounts of damage. So I have to plan my encounters differently, balance them out.

In the end though it was a good session, and I think the guys had a good time overall. And I had a good time with it. And I am looking forward to the next steps in the overall chronicle of their adventures.


The moment Kathren stepped into the Courtyard the statues sprang to life, and to the attack. Leaping into combat with startling quickness. The warrior savaged Kathren with his magical glaive, as lightning played around him. The Hell Hound attacked Belial with it’s fiery breath and bite.

Fish and Bobjon did their best to aid the warriors, providing healing and the occasional spell. Eventually Belial was able to overcome the Hound, and turned to the warrior as Kathren collapsed under the many attacks. Unable to flee, the warrior fought until his last breath as Belial was able to overcome it.

Moving carefully past the pedestal that called to them to take the place of the warrior and hound as Guardians the group found that the scrolls were guarded by a large Red Dragon. Resting and preparing for their onslaught the group readied themselves to once again slay a dragon.

The group charged in, with spells of protection and damage ready. The Dragon uttered a spell to negate the stealth of the party. Kathren charged forward to utter a mighty set of blows. The Dragon countered with a vicious bite. But was unable to find a way to fight both Belial and Kathren, the Paladin having joined the battle. The Dragon did as much damage as it could, but perished none the less, and was unable to save itself or the scrolls.

Securing the treasure and Scrolls of Life the group left the city. Exiting the gates of the city there was a mighty clap of thunder and rain began to fall. A long cold rain that slowed them in their journey back to the town of Makori. But they saw the sun break earlier than normal in the Hills of Sorrow, and were glad to see Makori and it’s new palisade. Installing the Scrolls in the temple of Makori ended the threat of the Undead in the region for now. And the group set to the forging of rings, weapons and armor in order to better defend the town from who knows what new onslaughts might come.


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