Figuring out all of the threads #Roleplaying

The boys campaign has reached a pause point. They completed the big quest to protect their town from the Undead. We spent an hour discussing and figuring out how they were going to spend their money and what items they would be constructing with all that money. And now it is time for me to figure out what will happen to them next.

Which is where the fun for me comes in. I already have begun the work on two adventures for them. Two distinct plot threads that are out there. One is a follow up on an old enemy they vanquished, but his friends will come, seeking vengeance. The other is a new threat, and a challenging one that I hope will force them to think a little bit more.

And in my mind I am already concocting how this connects to the bigger world. Because that is the role I play. I create the games, enemies for them to fight each week. But I also try to make sure that there is a reason, a connected thread, behind these different enemies. They may not realize what all they have been involved in but there really is a lot going on.

One thing I will share with them when we play next will be a recap of everything the core three have done so far, and how it has all connected to bigger events. Because I think that will help them realize that this is not just matter of my randomly picking monsters out of the Bestiary each week. Yes, there is some element of that, but I try to keep at least some semblance of a story behind it all. I am not the type of GM who believes in a random monster of the week type of campaign.

I view this whole game as a kind of novel. The boys are the characters, and I provide the plot and the antagonists.  That makes the game more interesting for all of us in my opinion, takes it beyond it just being a glorified video game.


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