In the Court of Kiba #Roleplaying #Fiction

Another fictional piece detailing happenings away from the Boys, but will affect their campaign.

The dark figure entered the room in his customary splendor and darkness. He casually strode up the steps to the throne, turned and gracefully took his place. And languorously waved to his Chamberlain to bring the Court to order.

‘Court is now in session, the Emperor has arrived upon his throne, all who have business please present yourselves.’

First to step forward was the Lady Teodra, she strode quickly to the front with her customary urgency.

‘I demand to know what the Emperor will do to deal with this vile transgression of our lands! These beings not only destroyed my guard and my beautiful pets, word has it that they were able to walk right into the city and retrieve the Cursed Scrolls. How was this allowed? What shall be done?’

‘Calm yourself Teodra,’ said the Emperor quietly. ‘What you speak of as a great calamity is in reality a great boon to our land.’

‘And how could that be? Already our shroud is lifting in the north, and this cursed rain shows no signs of letting up. And there are reports that life is returning to all parts of the Hills of Sorrow.’

‘Please do not interrupt again, I will explain. By taking the Cursed Scrolls from this city those adventurers actually did us a service, a service we are only just now recognizing. A vast migration is happening into our lands from the south. A migration of lizardfolk are swarming into the hills, drawn by the moisture and promise of new lands to control. These beings do not bring the warm blood we desire and need. But they will provide the illusion to the Tairakens that the land is safe to come into again. Which means new bodies to feed on. And new bodies to form into armies for us. Our land had fallen into disuse, as the Tairakens feared to ever come into our lands.

In addition, with the Scrolls gone we can truly control this city for ourselves. There will be no wards in place to keep us at a distance from the temple. Or prevent our own practices and rites. So while the living beings and lizardfolk form a barrier in front of us we are now safe to truly form the land that we deserve.’

Teodra, I want you to head east to the ruins of Chunekei. There I want you to join with the Wraith Lord Delzra and begin reconstruction of the Keep there. The lizardfolk will keep the living beings away for a good long while. And should they come you will get warning.’

Trust that we will be able to use this time properly. We underestimated how many beings were in the north when we tried to take advantage to the Cataclysm. Now we shall have to bide out time, harness the dark energy, and build a sufficient force to take back what is ours. Does all of this answer your questions Teodra?’

The Lady smiled, a dark, fanatical smile, and stepped back in a deep bow.

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