This seems to capture all of my thoughts on the new game #Warhammer Old Flames | Treehouse:

Old Flames | Treehouse:.

I’ve made my feelings on GW and their treasured licenses very clear in past posts. But I cannot deny a love of the memories, and some of the miniatures I have and have painted are pretty darn cool.

So I went ahead and downloaded and read through the rules. And perused the basics of a couple of Scrolls. And I have to admit I am intrigued. And I do look forward to maybe pulling out the mat, some miniatures and the rules in a couple of weeks and trying them out.

I think one of the big things, other than the 180 degree reversal on online availability, is the idea of bringing back a story to the board. With no point cost or limits it is really a system where it is up to the players to decide why they are playing, come up with a story behind their forces. And get to playing. It gets away from the rigid points system that is more suited to tournaments and competitions.


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