One last post for the road #Jedi #DnD

I will be out of town next week. And where I am going the Wifi is minimal, and I will not be taking my computer. And that means no posting, or very little, until next weekend when I run the boys game. But I did want to post my thought for the day, how to create a Jedi character or class in a fantasy campaign?

I mentioned how one of the concepts I wanted to play with in D&D 5E was a Jedi like Paladin. And in the right game I still might return to that. I think it is a fun concept. Or even a Fighter/Monk dual class. The biggest issue is protection.

One of the things that I always quibble with in the show Walking Dead is armor. It is also one of the things just drives me up the wall with Fantasy art. Just how do these people expect to win a sword fight wearing just a loin cloth or bikini? I don’t know about you but if I am fighting monsters with teeth and claws or people with swords, I wuld like at least a couple of layers hardened leather, and preferably plate covering me up.

And that reasoning follows along in fantasy games. Armor up if you want to get in a sword fight! Really the only game I have ever come across that allows your skill to take precedence over armor was GURPS. Which makes sense to me, armor is good.

But, this flies in the face of my character concept. Which is a character who employs their skill with a sword to defeat all comers, doesn’t need armor. Just dodges, blocks or parries all attacks. I think that would be one of the cores of a Jedi type. You didn’t see Jedi Knights running around with armor, although the Clone/Storm Troopers always wore something.

So, this is all a puzzle for me. One I am still trying to figure out. It might be something I just have to wait on to develop. I am welcome to ideas and comments.


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