Just going to have to go back and rethink some things #DnD #Roleplaying

While the Sorcerer and Priest labored in their shops, crafting new weapons and rings for the group, Belial and Kathren helped the town construct fortifications. The town was now safe from mass undead attacks due to the consecration of the Scrolls of Light in the town Temple.

A representative of the Emperor paid a visit to the region. Informing them that they were still considered a part of the Tairaken Empire, and subjects of the Emperor. However, they were given license to choose their own leaders for now, and no new governing force was due any time soon.

Not long after his departure a new threat revealed itself. Refugees from the West came with a message strictly for the Elves.

“To the Elven Outlanders and their allies, we have come to enact our revenge. This was to be our land, gifted to us. Our brother Hideyori was sent here to prepare it for us. Instead you resisted him, turned his allies against him. And eventually killed him.

For that we have come. We are Death, Destruction and Plague. Sent here by our Mother to enact revenge, and claim what is rightly hers. Should you choose to surrender your town to us, we will kill only the Elves. If there is no surrender, know that the fate of this village is a pittance compared to what will happen to your town.”

The group set forth to deal with this new threat. They were harried on the way by arrows from an unseen attacker. For 4 days the attacks came, targeting each member separately. This exhausted the group, an exhaustion that required a rest before coming to the town. So, when they came over the hill to the town they saw three huge fearsome Ogres waiting for them.

Ran the boys latest game on Saturday. Had fun to some extent, although in retrospect scheduling a game the day after returning from vacation wasn’t a great idea. But I did come to one conclusion. I am having to rethink how I run these games, I am just not a great judge of threat levels, and what I thought was overkill turned out to be fairly easy for them to handle. Which meant the game got a little frustrating for me.

The central issue is that the group’s offensive abilities far outweigh their defense. They can dish out huge amounts of damage at this point. But they cannot take quite as much damage in return so I have to balance things better. This challenge was able to dish out large amounts of damage, but was not ready for the group’s attacks. I whittled them down considerably, but not enough to really scare them as a group.

Which means that the next game will involve a little more thought, and force tactics. Not present a single target or a couple of targets. Instead spread out the threats. And introduce some things that will force them to think a little bit more, instead of just rolling in and attacking and rolling the dice.

I did do one thing this week that I liked, and will keep doing. I moved away from my wonderful campaign App. The App is great for lower level stuff, and running monsters straight out of the book. But as I have let the boys progress I have gotten more creative and out of the box with my monsters. Which forces me to plan a little bit more, which is fine, I like that. But switching my plans between the computer and the iPad app is redundant and boring and not worth the time. So I went to sheets of paper in vinyl pages, using wet erase markers. And I liked that. really worked better for me, and seemed to work for the boys as well.

All in all, it is still a learning experience for me. And that means I have to learn lessons from time to time. But it is still fun, and I am enjoying the story part of it in my head.


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