I’ve been going about it wrong #DnD #Pathfinder #Starwars #Jedi

When I first opened up my 5E book I imagined that you could create a Paladin role that was like a Jedi. I thought it was a pretty cool idea. And then when I started really looking through the Pathfinder rules I tried to figure out the same concept. Again, I think it’s a cool idea.

Well I was reading a post today where the writer was commenting about how he had a problem with Magic in role playing, because simply codifying the rules limited Magic, making it no longer ‘Magic’. And while I was formulating a response I got thinking about this whole idea of the Jedi again. And it hit me, I had been thinking about the Force and Jedi in the wrong way entirely.

They are not Monks, using mystical martial arts. Which is how I was basing much of my ideas in Pathfinder. No, what they are is Sorcerers. Think about it, what effects are they able to do: Levitate, Telekinesis, Jump, Lightning, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Enhanced Senses. Those are all spells, and as a Sorcerer they could learn just those spells and be able to repeat them at will to some extent.

So now my idea is a Paladin-Sorcerer, who trains in the sword, using a bonded object. And then uses these specific spells as much as he can. And the Paladin element comes in the strict Jedi Order (or Sith Order.) The really powerful Jedi used the Force more than their swords, which would make sense in this case, as they got more and more powerful they could do more with their chosen spells.

Well I did some tinkering with this yesterday. And realized that some of my work was already done in the form of the Eldritch Knight Prestige class in Pathfinder (or Fighter option in 5E.) Which is okay with me. I am more looking for the rules backing for a character concept. And I think this comes closest. Start with a fighter type, progress him to a certain point, then veer to Wizard/Sorcerer, and gradually build him up. This accomplishes the idea of a training period devoted to learning their weapon, then delving into the Force (read magic.)

And as they grow more powerful in the Force, they do not need to use their weapon as much. Or they could just progress to a certain point with the Force, and re-focus on their martial skills. Overall, this would be fun to play in the right game, or deploy as NPC’s or even foes in a game.

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