Sacrificing my inclinations, plus a parental lapse?

Viper’s blood lust for Orcs was somewhat sated, for now. He still wished that he could have been in at the end when that blob of a leader was finished off. And the rest of the scum ran too fast to chase and kill many more. But he was a little frustrated as he felt he could have done so much more, but circumstances held him back. He knew he had done the smart thing, holding the back line, exhausting his supply of arrows, and did more than enough damage himself to the leader from afar. But it hadn’t felt the same.

He knew he would have enjoyed dashing out into the middle of the Orc horde, leaping about, cutting the Orcs to pieces with abandon. There were times when it was hard to do the ‘smart thing’. But at least he could say he had done that this time. And he had not taken any of the ‘riches’ from the bodies, other than some replacement arrows. No filthy Orc armor or weapons for him.

And then he had a dream. A vision of the snake appeared to him, reminding him that snakes do not go berserk, they hide and attack from ambush. They do rely on mobility if discovered, but first and foremost, do not get discovered. With this dream he knew that his inclination to charge was a false thought, one that must be suppressed.

This weeks Denver game went well. We survived, albeit with all spells and attacks nearly exhausted. We survived the massive horde of orcs. It took some self control for me, as I had to sit back and play archer the whole time. Despite having added some skills and abilities to make my character mor effective in hand to hand combat, I was more effective sitting back.

But I was a tad frustrated. It took some thinking it through this morning to realize why I was irritated, and to justify it. I cannot (and probably should not) be the hero with the melee very often. So I’ve got that straightened out mentally.

There was a funny moment, when the DM made a comment about how the Orc leader had plenty of ‘Red Shirts’ to waste. And Jimmy said he had no idea what that meant. We explained it to him quickly. But it was still odd to realize that my son had no idea what that meant. But I’m not gonna call that a parental lapse. Because we are a Star Wars family, not Star Trek, and to be honest that’s really a mildly dated reference anyway.

Fortunately we did not leave things at a total cliff hanger like last time, so when we play again it should be a fun time. And I can actually make plans a little bit with my character. And it is fun to spend this time with Jimmy.

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