Jotting down some quick thoughts and developments

That was the first weekend free of gaming or major family events in quite a while. Boy did that suck! Well not really, but it is strange to sit down at the keyboard without having an adventure to share or recap. Not to say I did nothing game related (well sort of), just no official gaming. Thought I would jot down some thoughts here today.

  1. I did do some game related activity. I and the kids did some work in the basement rec room area. Cleaning, organizing a number of items. And now, after a couple of month break due to the rains and subsequent flooding, I am closer to my goal of a true gaming area. I have a table where I set up my paints and in progress projects. There is space for me to roll out the mat and terrain if I want to play some table top miniatures. And last, it will be easier for me to set things up for the boys campaign.
  2. I also took advantage of back to school supply shopping to pick up what should be my gaming binder. A place to keep character sheets. Rules and army lists for games printed from .pdf. I am looking forward to setting it all up.
  3. It’s becoming sadly clear that my local group with whom I enjoyed so many great years of gaming is past the point of no return for getting back together. I sent out an e-mail to them all about running a game, and only received one reply. Which is too bad, I really think this group could have fun with 5E or Star Wars. Honestly, it was more of a whim, between the boys game and the Denver game my gaming calendar is full. But still I would have made the time had I received a decent response.
  4. Re-reading the Wheel of Time lately, while waiting for a few other books to become available. Even knowing generally what will happen I am enjoying it. It really is a well written series of books, with some really interesting characters and a good story. Not exactly full of ideas that I haven’t already used, but there is still some potential there.

That is all for today.

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