Time to plan the end game #Roleplaying

I can see the handwriting on the wall for the boys game. Not that the boys don’t want to play any more, far from it. Instead I can see an end point for the present campaign and characters. Which is okay, and normal really. But it means it is time for me to bring things to a decent conclusion.

A couple of weeks ago, when we were driving up to Denver, Jimmy pointed out that the boys are just not scared of anything any more. And sure I can always come up with stuff that is tougher, as one of the Denver players says: ‘never get in an arms race with the DM’. But that is beginning to lost it’s appeal to me. I have the next couple of sessions planned out, and they should be a challenge for the boys, but that constant cycle of them getting tougher, than I have to create something tougher, etc. ad nauseum is boring.

I would rather come up with a story that wraps up the story lines I have gradually built up. And then give them a final challenge, one that should exhaust them (and maybe even kill one or 2.) Then move them on to another campaign or game. So I have begun to piece together the pieces for that final challenge. I want to make it suitably epic and fun for everyone. And make some sense in terms of the overall story.

After that I will give them a choice. Choice one is we stay in a Fantasy setting, but will return to 5E, and use some of the more complex story pieces in that setting. I began to sketch out the outlines of a setting yesterday. I want it to be a non-traditional fantasy setting, but still fun for them.

Choice two will be a sci-fi military type scenario. I plan to use the Savage Worlds rules, and my old Warzone miniatures. And much of it will be them serving as a special ops type unit and operating like that for a while. The system should allow them to be properly heroic, but closer to their beloved Call of Duty type scenarios.

But that is for the future. Right now, I have at least 2 pieces already laid out for one scenario. And then the end game will begin (but without too much foreshadowing, I want them to play like normal instead of throwing themselves into the mouth of the dragon since there will be no tomorrow.) I plan to play all that out over at least 3 sessions. Should be interesting, and fun for all.


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