Yeah, yeah I know

I know it has been a little while since I posted some original content here. It’s been a slow week, no immediate games to plan, and no playing due to vacations. It has been slow, so I have mainly been posting links I have found. But don’t think I have been resting. I have been continuing to work on two things.

First, I have been constructing the last few sessions for the Boy’s Campaign. I’ve got at minimum 4 sessions worth of material there. First, I have the next two adventures in the can for a while now. I think it will challenge them and be different, they cannot just win these by charging in with weapons barred and fireballs flying. Once those two sessions finish up I will move on to what will be the final piece.

I plan to throw a couple of their bad guys at them again, ones that managed to elude the party after getting chased off. I plan to escalate the challenge rating on this one. And make it all suitably epic so when they win (or die) it will be with glory. I want them to have felt that they really conquered somethign, and get a chance to vanquish some serious bad guys.

Second, I have begun the preliminaries for a D&D 5E campaign for them. Assuming they want to stay in a Fantasy type game. If they want the Sci Fi/ Military style game I will have to figure that one out. But I have that more or less sketched out already in my mind.

The 5E game will be in a far different world. It will be a much grittier type of campaign, where they will be excited to get metal armor for the first time. I want them to see what that style of fantasy gaming is like, and that not all fantasy games are monty haul style.

The Sci Fi game will probably just consist of them creating a small military squad, special ops type team. Equipping them with suitable equipment. And then giving them a big mission, but one that will take several sessions to get to. Picture Apocalypse Now, travelling up the river, running into different encounters. Ooh you know this is all top of my head, and the more I think of that the cooler I could make it.

All in all it has been a productive down time. Just not any exciting games to recount. But I promise that soon the regular gaming will resume, and then more consistent posting will occur.


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