Well this could be a big challenge, for everyone #Roleplaying

Now that I have laid out the final stages of the boys D&D/Pathfinder campaign I have begun to think about what to do next. I talked some with Jimmy this weekend and asked him what he would like to do next? Another Fantasy game, or a more Science fiction Military style game? He suggested that what would be fun would be a game in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender. And at least one of the other boys likes that, and I think the others would probably agree. Of course this would be a big challenge.

This would challenge me to best capture that world. I know Fantasy worlds, and I know Star Wars. But, while I did watch a fair amount of Avatar when it was out I did not exactly absorb every piece of the world. So I would have some research and catching up to do on my own to try to create a campaign that would match the flavor of the world.

But it does present me with the opportunity to show them 2 things. First, that a Fantasy Role playing game is not always about layering up the heavy armor, strapping on the +12 hackmaster sword and wand of infinite fiery destruction and killing monsters. Because the world of Avatar was not one filled with monsters and easy opponents. Second, I can use a different system (I am thinking of Savage Worlds) as it would work better for that world.

So it will be a challenge for me, but one I am willing to undertake.

But it will also be a challenge for them. They will have to learn to role play without being able to fall back on the attack every stranger mode. They will be forced to interact more as their characters. And that is another reason I want to use the different system, because I think it will be easier to do that, to role play, when their character sheets have unique edges and hindrances that they can hang their role playing on.

All in all, yes it will be a challenge. But it is a challenge that I think we can all look forward to undertaking.


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