And it start again, I think I am ready #Roleplaying #DnD

Sent out the message yesterday announcing that the Boys game will resume this Friday night. I am pretty excited to get back into the regular gaming mode. In the ideal, regular schedule I should have a game 3 out of 4 weeks. Not that the past weeks have been horrible mind you. Vacation has been good, and I have had a chance to recharge my batteries. And I have taken the time to figure and plan future games. But it is still good to get back into it.

I’m also continuing to evolve how I run things. First of all, I will continue to just write out the adventure ahead of time. And then print out what I need, and moe away from using the gaming app. I think that is a good app, I would definitely recommend for folks who run games out of the box. But if you are going to mod things, especially the monsters, it is somewhat limited. And it is almost more confusing to keep track of large numbers of critters using the app than on paper (which is counter intuitive I know.) But I think working from notes is easier for me to keep track of everything.

Second, I am going to try something new out with the boys this week. I’m going to leave the table. That is I will let them sit in more relaxed chairs in the room, with some dice trays. This might alleviate the giggle factor a little, and relax the confrontational element of me at the head of the table and them arranged against me. And I will have a space where I roll out the battle mat and miniatures and everyone can stand around and move their figures when it their turn. This is kind of the way the Denver game works, and I think it might work better with the boys. Get them to relax a little for the role playing, and then focus a little more during the combats.

I am also going to try and get a little more descriptive in general. Both during combat (which is a little tough with this style of game) and in the lead up to the battles. It might tax my personal narrative skills some but I think it should make for a more interesting game. We shall see how it all goes. Either way, the cycle of gaming will resume.

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