Voyaging into the darkness

The Sage Udoku looked up from the writing in front of him with a start. 

“Are you certain of this?” He asked the messenger.

“Yes O learned One, this was the message given to me.”

He leaned down once again, and began to mutter to himself as he began to write notes on another piece of paper. The messenger quietly let himself out of the door. The Sage was once again deep in thought and pondering the implications of this latest missive. There was really only one solution and option, the Elven heroes must once again be sent out from the town. He began to compose a message to them.

Tonight the boys will get some new challenges. And it will be a different kind of game. I will be breaking away from the table, and letting them sit in a more relaxed setting, more open, so that all the players will feel as if they are participating instead of just those closest to me.

I will also be running a slightly different kind of game. For one, no more rests between challenges, except obvious ones. They will have to figure out how to ration their powers and abilities. And there should be more of a sense of adventure and exploration, rather than just a matter of my rolling out new foes to fight in different arenas.

We will see how it all goes, this is as much practice for the next campaign as anything. Right now they are pretty much stereotypical D&D characters: loaded up on powers and magic items, solving every problem with the edge of a sword and a flurry of fireballs. I will not try to completely try to break that now, it is too late for this game, but I can practice some techniques that I will put to greater use in other games. I am looking forward to it all.



I know you are tired, wanting to rest easy in the town you are gradually coming to rule. But I have just been made aware of a troubling development. It seems that the rains and storms in the Hills of Sorrow are bearing fruit. A large jungle has sprung up throughout the region, and is slowly expanding.

And this jungle apparently has it’s own occupants. A race of lizard folk has been spotted by any who scout out the edge of the region. While they are not aggressive, anyone who tries to penetrate the jungle is attacked and driven out.

I recently received a message from an explorer who was able to somehow slip into the area deep enough to see that much of this activity is centered on the Caverns of Chunekei. As you may remember this is a sacred site of much power. I am deeply concerned about what these strangers could be doing in this location.

So, I humbly beseech you to once more undertake a journey for the safety of the region and the Empire. Return to the Caverns, find out what these folk are doing in this area and if they are plotting something dangerous try to end it.

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