Journey into the Jungle #Roleplaying #DnD #Pathfinder


Heeding the words of the Sage Udoku and Hideki the Priest the group headed south to the Caverns of Chunekei. After first posting a Help Wanted proclamation for adventurers to come join the group.

After a day of travel the way began to become treacherous and slow as the jungle began to overgrow everything. This in a land that was thought dead for years and was dead up until 6 months ago. Now the going had changed, and the thick undergrowth was a perfect hiding place when the first arrows of the Saurian rangers began to fall around the party.

Well there were some good takeaways from the game Friday night. And some other things to keep in mind for the future as well.

I think the altered arrangement worked well, freeing up from the table. Giving the boys a little more opportunity to burn off some teenage ADD. It remains to be seen how well it will continue when the game changes, moving away from the combat, action oriented game we are playing right now. When the game has more role playing interaction in it, separating combat.

The boys did get a little antsy anyway, but I mostly attribute to the long lay off. There was more than a little visiting and need to burn off energy going around. Not a big deal or anything to worry about. And there was also a lot of discussion about the future, the next game we will be shifting to in a couple of months.

Saturday morning I sat down with Jimmy to show him how characters will be made and the basics of the new Savage Worlds system. I think he is a lot more excited now. And the boys are fairly chomping at the bit to role play in the world of Avatar.

It is a little bit of a shame that I am just now getting a real feel for the game flow as this campaign winds down. But that is how it goes, and if/when we return to a D&D 5E/Pathfinder fantasy game I will have a much better feel for it all.


The first arrows seemed to come from no where, striking party members. They figured out where the attack was coming from and began to counter, just in time for attacks to come from the other direction. What seemed like just a hot, uncomfortable journey through the jungle had just become a dangerous running battle.

A battle that became even more serious when they were next ambushed by a giant serpent, and several Saurian sorcerers. An ambush that came very close to taking the lives of Bobjon and Fish. And despite taking a prisoner and attempting to talk produced no real answer to where this jungle was coming from and who was behind it all. Those answers could only come by continuing the journey.


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