I am committed now, time to start coming up with ideas #Roleplaying

If there was one thing that was clear from Friday’s game, it is that the boys are excited about playing in a Savage Worlds game set in the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender. Which means I am committed to doing that, and coming up with some adventures for them. And I admit to being a little at a loss and a touch out of my element.

I can come up with Fantasy story lines no problem, pretty much all day long. It comes with spending my time reading those kinds of novels pretty much exclusively for 40 some odd years. I could come up with a Western game pretty easily as well, if I had to, because I spent a lot of time watching Westerns. And Organized Crime/Spy movie stuff, also in my wheel house. But this is really a unique genre for me, it’s a challenge.

I’ve already made the decision to cop out and send them off the main continental area, put them on a ship exploring the other side of the world. That will offset the fact that the main area is already pretty well settled, and not really a place for the kind of adventuring this group is ready for. If it was adult players, players suited for scheming, planning, spy type of adventure it would be a different thing, but the boys are not ready for that.

So it will be a journey of discovery. A quest to find a New World, if there is one. And what will they find there. Since I am using Savage Worlds I do have to be a little careful about the threat level, as it is reasonably possible for a generic bad guy to take out a hero in this system.

All of this is a little scary and intimidating. The boys are a tough group, because they are not the types to appreciate subtlety. But it is also freeing, because I can almost start from scratch, it is really my own sandbox to work with. Whatever I want to throw in there I can within reason. But enough rambling, time to get to work.


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