Into the barrows of the Great Khan #Roleplaying #Pathfinder

In his dreams Viper began to hear the whispers. At first it was in a tongue he did not recognize. But he began to gradually gain understanding. That morning he spoke with Fang and began to gain a greater understanding, not just of the world but his true place in it.

The world’s and time were a circle controlled by the Great Serpent, forever chasing it’s own tail. Law and Chaos are just parts of the circle, as were Good and Evil. For a wheel to travel it must have balance. The world where he dwelled as it stood now was out of balance, Evil had thrown things out of balance. Law and Chaos were struggling, which was proper, and were in balance. But the balance of Good and Evil was off. What was needed was more Good, but Good for all, not just Law or Chaos.

In the dream he saw how he could play a role. He could no longer be a solitary defender of freedom, freedom was no longer the paramount mission in his life. He was to become a servant of Good. Until such time that the Balance was restored and the Serpent was able to follow it’s path properly.

Fang also showed him that the way of Elly, Thorvald and Braveheart was not the way of the Serpent. A Serpent does not charge his enemies, a serpent lies in wait, striking and then moving. He uses his tools to scare away lesser foes that are beneath his consideration. He is not a berserker, or use armor to protect himself. It is the way of the serpent to hide and strike from the shadows.

In the morning Viper woke with a new way in his mind, a path to follow. A way that would honor the Great Serpent properly, as he began to spread the word and try to restore proper balance to the world.

Jimmy and I went to Denver this weekend for our monthly game. And I great time was had. The group moved along on our journey back home. Until we found that the journey was interrupted by a trip through and into the barrows of a dead leader. Who now had all become Wights.

In the dense mist the group first fought and defeated a large group of the initial surge of Wights. Then we went into the largest barrow, in search of the big leader, hoping to pillage the big loot pile that was there (hopefully) and more importantly rid the world of more undead filth. We left off after our third fight with a group of such creatures, each one tougher than the previous one.

Jimmy did better this time, focusing on doing what he did best, and remembering the groups mantra: never use up the spells and channels (and other non-renewable resources) in the first couple of fights. Because the DM has made it clear that we do not get to rest before that fight with the boss. And I was very effective, happily plunking away with my arrows, wiping out Wights right and left as I channeled my inner Legolas.

At the end of the day we were told that we had leveled up. Jimmy was curious about maybe taking on a new class. After talking with the DM, and then spending the drive home discussing it and reading through the rules he realized that wasn’t really what he wanted. I on the other hand am now able to fully implement my new vision for a new character, with the DM’s blessing. And can add the second class of Serpent Shaman (Druid) that I had been working on for a while now. I am pretty excited about the potential for fun and experience now. The next 3 weeks cannot go by fast enough!


Viper had been meditating when he had the chance on the two weeks journey since the fight with the Orcs on the life of a Druid. During the fight with the Wights he began to feel overcome with the the spirit of the Great Serpent. It was clear that now was the time for him to take up the life of a Serpent Shaman, spreading the word of the Great Serpent, and helping to preserve the world as part of the Great Circle.

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