How to justify a change up? #Roleplaying

This Savage Avatar world still has me stuck. And time is a little short. The thing is I know the boys want to play Benders, and ideally in the world of Avatar. But I just cannot get my brain wrapped around making a good campaign out of that world.

I have figured out a change up that is more or less acceptable to the group. They will all be Benders from that world, and starting there, will undertake a journey to the other side of the world. That much is settled in stone. There will be a journey, and it will take them to a strange place.

Now I have to decide what shape that strange place will take. What elements of the world do I mix in, and what do I leave behind? Do I want to keep it all vaguely Asian, or depart from that (no comments from the movie critics.) The thing is that the main world that the first series takes place in is fairly primitive technologically, with a scattering of anachronisms. Which leaves a group of relative primitives, with extraordinary powers at their disposal.

My initial thought was tossing them into a Pre-Tokugawa type of Japan. But I didn’t think that would be as much fun. Then I had a plan for a similar society to theirs, using some of the mythology from the world as a foundation. But the more I think of that, the less interesting it becomes. I want a fun campaign, with some different elements. But most importantly I need a plot line, a story, to embroil the players in.

This is why I struggle with creating new worlds, I need a setting or a story to hang my hat on. Without that I often end up spinning my wheels as I try to figure out that hook. I just need to keep working on it, and something will come.

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