Will tonight be the night? Plus, it is finally coming together #Roleplaying #DnD

Big game tonight for the boys. I am hoping for a more relaxed night from them as 3 of them have spent the past 24 hours together. Which could mean they are tired of each other, but I am more hoping that they are just plain tired, so the teenage ADD is more under control. I do plan to start the night with a little talk about how this is not a competition between the players, it is supposed to be a cooperative venture.

Of course, in reviewing tonight’s adventure I am once again struck by how deadly I made it. Of course the last time I thought I was really going to challenge them they ran through the fight like a hot knife through butter. So who knows what will be challenging? But I am hoping to get them feeling a little mortal and scare them a little, just to bring them back to earth a little. You never know though, they could be especially foolish, or my dice could be astounding. I have an out for them, a little deus ex machina to rescue them in order to preserve the overall story line.

That is something I don’t think they really grasp yet. I plan to give them the entire story of their characters adventures when I wind this down. I want them to really see everything they did, and how it fit into the bigger story of what is going on in the world. I think they will maybe appreciate it all a little more when I show that to them.

On the plus side, on my third Edit it looks like I finally have a setting for Savage Avatar that makes sense and I am happy with. It will challenge them of course, the new game system, the ideas behind that system that almost have to be role played instead of just rolling dice. But I am beginning to get more excited about the game than worried about it, which is a good sign.

I am looking forward to getting away from just rolling out the monster of the week for them. Get things back to a more story based system, and forcing them to think more about what they are doing between the battles. I mean there will be battles, that is the high point of role playing after all. But a lot of the fun is what goes on between battles and on the journeys that get there. And I think the boys will be ready for that next step in role playing.


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