Reaching the heart of the jungle #Roleplaying #DnD #Pathfinder

That's a lot of heads!
That’s a lot of heads!

The group continued their journey to the Caverns of Chunekei after killing the snake. They were able get some rest, in spite of the uncomfortable circumstances. And they resumed the struggle through the jungle.

They were moving on their journey when they were surprised by the grappling attacks of 4 plant creatures. A surprise attack that nearly killed half the party. But they were able to break through the grip of the monsters and then cleverly apply some sorcery of Bobjon to clear a path of escape. They had just recovered from that fight when their path led to a large open clearing.

They approached the opening with care, trying to draw out any ambush. When Kathren and Belial rushed into the middle of the clearing, drawing out the attack of Saurian archers. Just when Belial rushed the archers however the rest of the trap was sprung as a group of powerful Saurian warriors attacked from both sides. The fight became very fierce at that point. As the Saurians proved adept at evading Bobjon’s fireballs. And they then swarmed Belial, knocking him unconscious. Followed by another swarm overwhelming Fish. Eventually only Kathren remained in combat, while Bobjon attempted to use his invisibility to aid and protect the fallen companions. But the swirling sword work of Kathren was enough to finish off the tough Saurians, allowing the group a chance to rest before continuing on.

Friday night was possibly one of the better over all sessions we have had in quite a while. I finally got the balance of enemies correct, putting enough fear into the players that they had to actually think a little and focus a little more.

They are still not all as involved in the game as I would like (I did have to threaten them with an end to the game if the bickering continued.) And there is still a lack of what most consider role playing. But those are merely a symptom of running a game with beginner players.

I think that will also change some when we change symptoms, because I will feel a little more free to test them on little stuff, skill checks, that we just gloss over currently. While I love D&D and Pathfinder, they are not the kinds of games that loan themselves to making lots of the little skill checks that in other systems spell the difference between success and failure.

Overall though it was a good session, and it makes me think that things will get better as the players play more.


After resting the group moved on. It wasn’t far till they came upon the lake and the Falls that were the entrance to the Caverns. The proceeded up the causeway to the gate but were still caught by surprise when a monster leaped out of the dark water.

Four terrible heads attacked Fish, while another sprayed a jet of Acid on Belial. Kathren and Belial attacked with a fervor. Only to see Fish again falter, and the beat unleashed another jet of Acid. But then the brilliant sword work of Kathren, and the mighty vengeance of Belial were too much for the creature to endure, killing it and sinking it below the waters.

With that the group entered the Caverns, to find a large toad like creature astride a pedestal, surrounded by 10 guardians. During the conversation the group found that the creature and his followers were simply there to restore life to the Dead area of the Hills of Sorrow. It forgave their attacks on it’s followers, as they were only trying to protect it. And they were able to negotiate a stop to the northward expansion of the jungle, preserving Makori.

The group returned home, with a Suarian Knight to accompany them as an ambassador.


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