A world falls apart #DnD #Fiction #Roleplaying

“My Lord, here is the report from the scouts and Shugenja.”

The well dressed, but tired looking man, still in his travelling armor took the scroll, broke the seal and began to read.

My Lord and Protector,

Our efforts to stem the tide of this invasion have proven fruitless. The Hatori Regiment moved into position along the old Imperial highway and prepared a good defensive position. They were well supplied, with plenty of food, water and arrows. They were supplemented by a force of Phoenix Clan Battle Shugenja, all prepared to fight. Any force in the Empire would have balked at attacking their potion frontally.

The enemy came streaming out of the hills to the west like a huge swarm. Their numbers were vast, far more than we had expected to ever fight. But our soldiers remained in place, unafraid and willing to fight. The creatures themselves were far larger than any Orcs that we ever fought in the North. Scarred and bearing huge axes with blades on both ends. They became enraged at the very sight of our forces and charged with a frenzy, their bigger ones outpacing the smaller.

Our archers and the Shugenja unleashed a torrent of missile fire into the creatures. And still they came, their numbers seemingly undiminished. The barrage continued until the leading rank hit our barricades. Our warriors stood firm, throwing back the first rank with dreadful losses. And still they came, taking a horrific number of casualties. 

Just when it looked like our line could hold, in spite of being vastly outnumbered, their leaders made an appearance. A massive being in chain strode through their ranks, unleashing hell with his bow, seemingly never missing and killing whatever he aimed at. Until he reached the front, when he seemingly disappeared, only to appear in the sky above us, targeting and killing the Phoenix Shugenja. And then she came, astride a pale horse, appearing on our flank, a flank we were certain was secure, with a force of different creatures, bearing 2 massive axes apiece. Wherever she road fear and death followed, and our flank crumbled. 

Our force crumbled then. The bravest among them holding until their deaths, fighting like the true warriors they were. But those who ran could not outrun the savages and their leaders arrows. In the end only a few of us were able to somehow escape.

The savages show no regard for common strategy. They simply overwhelm with massive numbers and strength. They showed little regard for scouting or caring as we shadowed them as they moved East. They move on an almost straight line. They appear aimed straight for the river, and eventually the Capital city itself.

Only you, with the help of the Gods, can save our land now.

The lord sighed, laid down the scroll, and looked at the map on his table. The scout was correct, this report, and others all confirmed that the savages were heading directly East. And with little to slow them down. He could muster a force of Dragon clan warriors and Monks, but at best he could only chase these creatures. They needed to be slowed down somehow. He stared at the map again, when he saw something, and memory of another report came to him.

Makori! That was their chance. He summoned one of the Dragon Clan Monks and wrote out a brief message. He remembered that town was now controlled by a group of very powerful out world adventurers. If they could assemble any kind of defense they could maybe stop this horde long enough for his own army to catch them in the rear.

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