Just making characters, ’cause that’s what I do #Roleplaying

Ethoriel was arrogant, confident in his intelligence, and his physical skills. But none of that offset his pale skin, pale even for an elf, he was an albino Elf. That and his bad temper caused most people to shun him. But that was okay, because he knew what he could do, he was strong, fast, and smart. And he worked hard at improving his skills. His affliction kept him from being accepted in the Royal Guard, but he didn’t care. He would still become an Eldritch warrior, and show all those who shunned him.

He still followed all of the training for the Royal Guard. He learned all he could about crafting weapons. He trained as a warrior, and perfected his skill with his curve blade. He began training as a wizard, and was progressing as well as any other arcane trainee.

Now it was time for him to go out into the world. Explore the magics that were out there. Prove himself among the humans and the other dregs of the world. And when the time came he would return to his land and show them what a true Eldritch warrior was, and that you did not have to be a perfect specimen to be one.

I got back from lunch today and a friend asked me what was up. I said nothing special, just making characters. Not for any game, just for the fun of it. I mean we were joking last time in Denver that we had backup characters ready in case something bad happened. So yeah it is there in case I need it. But really it is just a fun mental exercise, and a good way to master the system, as I have mentioned in the past.

I am hoping that when the boys campaign changes over to Savage Avatar that the boys will get into that a little more. I will have the customary build your character night. And I hope that between the chance to really build their characters, and using a system where you pretty much have to use hindrances to build your character that they will grasp the fun of this, and more importantly get deeper into their characters, realize that they are not just stats on a piece of paper telling them what dice to roll.


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