Tonight it begins #DnD #Roleplaying #Pahtfinder

Life was good in this place, Hideki thought to himself. Makori had grown and could be termed a city now. The strangers had brought with them peace and prosperity at last. Trade was beginning to rise, as the wonderful fabric made by the Thri Kreen was treasured by all, and Makori currently was the primary source in the Empire. And trade goods from the South were also slowly beginning to flow.

Peace and light were everywhere. The actions of the strangers had stopped and prevented war with the Thri Kreen when they first appeared. And now the same had happened with the Saurians, what could have been a lingering conflict had been ended by their actions.

And they had helped stave off the Undead menace by bringing the Scrolls of Light out of the Hills of Sorrow so they could be consecrated in his own Temple. The power of Scrolls kept the Undead away from the city, and allowed it to act as a sanctuary for travelers and merchants. 

It was a wonderful time, but he was afraid this latest message brought the end to it all. The messenger, a Dragon Clan monk, had come in from the West, exhausted, hungry and thirsty. And his message came from General Yorushi, second in Command of the Dragon Armies, and part of the staff in charge of defending the Western frontier. All the messenger could say was that ‘they were coming’, and pressed the written message into his hands, to be given to the Heroes of Makori.

The final adventure of the boy’s campaign begins tonight. It should be a roughly 2 night affair. And then it will be time to move on to another game, and a different adventure.

I did want to write this up for the boys to kind of capture everything they have done. I think it will surprise them to realize everything that they have done. I want them to realize that the game is not just about defeating all the foes that I have sent against them, that there has been a larger story that they are a part of.

I will give them a little time tonight to enjoy the fruits of their labors as it were. To spend their loot. To purchase or enhance existing items. To get all their spells and such written up.

And then it will begin.


‘To the Heroes of Makori,

The Empire needs your help, and perhaps more importantly to you Makori again is in great danger. So I am calling you to again ride forth and try to slow the worst onslaught this land has ever seen.

A massive army of Savage Orcs and their allies have broken through our Western Armies. They are heading directly East, towards our capital and the home of the Emperor. 

At their vanguard is a group of their strongest warriors led by a leader they call the Great Rattler. We know that being Orcs, if we can stop them, and kill their leader, the armies will dissolve. 

I am assembling a force to the North of you, in the hills of the Dragon. But I cannot strike before this force hits Makori. So I call upon you to defend that city, find that vanguard, and force them to stop and hold. And if possible defeat this leader of theirs. If you can hold them off long enough my army can strike at their rear, cutting them off and smashing them.

It is all up to you, save us, your land, and yourselves.’


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