I searched my inner thoughts and found it to be true #DnD #Roleplaying

The County of Rosaroca lies in the Duchy of Granada, in the Kingdom of Tortuga. The County and Duchy are on the far northern border of the Kingdom. The County is the frontier of settled land in this area. To the North lies the forbidding Dragonwall mountain range that few dare explore. To the West is the desolate Arena Rosada, a desert of rocks and sand. To the south is the Duchy of Pino, a land of heavy pine forests and hills. To the East is the Sangre river and the Duchy of Cordoba.

The Duchy itself is quite large, one of the largest in the kingdom. But for all of it’s size it is still lightly populated by ‘civilized’ peoples. It holds a wide variety of geographical zones. From the foothills of the north, bordering on the Dragonwall mountains, gradually flattening into the barren arena rosada.

The County is in an area of the foothills of the Dragonwall that ends in the Arena Rosada. It gets it’s name from the many red and pink rock formations that dot the area. The main settlement of humans and halflings is centered on the Castle of the Duke, called Sangreroca. The Castle gets it’s name from a battle fought there by the first settlers, a long battle with a host of Orcs.

The town is primarily composed of humans and halflings. There are representatives of other races as well. There are some Dragonwall Dwarves (Mountain Dwarves) there from the closest Dwarven hold in those mountains. There are some tinker gnomes (Rock Gnomes) there, having settled to trade. There are even some Rosada Elves from the desert (Wood Elves.) There is a contingent of mercenary Dragonborn, there to serve the Count. But the town and county are still primarily human and halfling, townsfolk and farmers.

The farmers are gradually widening their range with the help of the Count’s troops and land grants from the Duke. The frontier is still wild, with wandering creatures threatening the farms and farmers. And there are plenty of opportunities for adventure. The land is still mostly unexplored by the people of the land. There may be ruins from earlier civilizations, caves of treasures, and the troves of creatures that have occupied this land for centuries.

I came up with that Tuesday afternoon. Just off the top of my head, throwing some ideas together. And it became clear in my head that what I want to do is take the boys back to D&D 5E. I’ve spent a good couple of months trying to figure out the Savage Avatar. Carrying the Savage Worlds book with me, purchasing an electronic copy so I could read it any where. Reading up on the Avatar world, spending time with the Avatar Wiki site. And despite all that I just could not see myself clear to creating a game setting that satisfied me. Or that I think the boys would really enjoy.

I think that those who want to role play in Avatar expect me to run a game that is just like the show. And while I want to, I just cannot see it happening. I don’t have that setting hard wired the way I would like.

On the other hand, I can come up with a beginning setting like that in a couple of hours. And I can already think of a number of different things that they could do there. And I took a few minutes with the 5E Players Handbook and it was all clear how I could add just enough elements that it will feel different but still fun for the boys.

It is clear that in my inner thoughts, I am a DM, not as much of a GM. I still hope to give the basic adventures of the new Star Wars game a shot when the new movie comes out, but even that could very well end up just being a one shot. And while it might be different with a different group of players, more mature and experienced than the boys, I kind of doubt it. In reality I think I would have more fun running 5E with my old gaming group than running another game.

I will have to brace myself. I haven’t broken the news to Jimmy yet (he is having a rough week.) And I think that at least one of the other boys will be disappointed as well. But I just think I can run a better game for them using what I am good at, rather than trying to cobble together something else.

And that is just the way it is. If they decide that they don’t want to play I can still put together a group of those who do want to play. Maybe bring in Danny if he wants.

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