It won’t always fit what you want #Roleplaying

Viper was tired. Tired of the cold in this tomb. Tired of the seemingly endless supply of dead creatures that kept attacking them at every twist and turn in this place. He longed for the out of doors, he longed for space and warmth. For this tomb was closed in and cold, and seemingly full of all the creatures who had ever died in this area of the world.

He had done his part when called upon. Shot several of the foul creatures. Thrown a spear when it appeared that his supply of arrows might grow low. He had even wielded the scimitar when the Wights got too close, or when he was called upon to protect those in his party. 

He had called upon the powers of Iomadae to fill him with heroism for the last pieces of the maze. And he had watched Ellie and Braveheart slaughter the Wights with abandon. He had been prepared to chase and rescue when Qualiki and Ellie were momentarily captured. He had held back the surge of the creatures when they came up from behind. 

But now he was tired, tired of this place. The group was certain that they had come to the final burial chamber of the Tomb. And with that they could finally put an end to this scourge of the mountains. One more fight, hopefully in a place where he could move and be of more use. One last fight, with that he readied his bow and strode forward with the group.

Yesterday was my Denver game. It was a vicious, brutal slog of a dungeon crawl. We found ourselves one player short, and stuck in a maze. A maze that the DM had packed full of wights. I mean full, we are talking rooms of 60+ wights filling in every square on the map. And in most cases fighting in 5 foot corridors or the doorways to those rooms.

No room for maneuvers, very few straight shots for archery. It was definitely not the best case for my character. But it was definitely the best case for Jimmy, who had a great time fully using his Great Cleave skill. It was sad that one player had an emergency, so could not be there. That made things a little tougher.

And of course we knew that the big fight was still out there. So we had to carefully manage our resources. Which was another reason why the up front fighter and paladin did most of the heavy lifting. And now we have to wait another 4 weeks until we can get in that final big boss fight.

But I was proud of the way I handled it, keeping back, carefully planning my attacks. And avoiding close in battle as much as possible, just as a snake would. There was no place for me to move, or hide, so I wasn’t able to employ my best skills other than archery. But that is okay, I had to control myself a couple of times in the interest of that role playing, but I still had fun with it.

And I can look forward to the big battle, and then assuming we all survive, a chance to finally return to a place where I can go about getting the magic items I want to make my character closer to my goal. Which is one of the things that this DM does better than most, getting us into a mode of looking forward to that last game. It is something I strive for.


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