Yeah, that’s right, I’m gonna go rogue #DnD

Here’s the deal. While D&D 5E is not as miniatures based as Pathfinder I do like to use figures. And I do think it helps the boys to picture what they are doing. So I am planning out the new campaign for the boys and I have a problem. I have been getting away with proxies for a while now. And that is cool. And will certainly be the case if they run into something unusual, like a Giant Spider, or some odd creature like that.

But while it won’t be the case right away I would like to be able to represent the bad guys they see most often accurately. And I do have a pretty large collection of miniatures from my days playing Warhammer. But you know what I never elected to keep or play as an army? Orks and Goblins. And what are the most common bad guys in many games? Orks and Goblins.

Well I had been thinking about this for a while. And I do have some options. But I don’t want to go back to the well of a Japanese themed setting again, as the boys just had not interest in it. So that cuts out my collection of Clan War miniatures. But then it came to me, why not just go rogue? Do some different stuff with the bad guys?

And so, yesterday while I worked from home I had some time to do some other things while waiting for calls. First, I got out my box of big guys that had all been damaged, and glued them back together. Second, I looked at what I had that needed painting and went with some Lizardmen.

And that is when it occurred to me, why not these guys as the common bad guys in the game:

Desert Kroxigors in progress
Desert Kroxigors in progress

There is nothing that says I cannot base a game around a setting where there is a race of evil, desert dwelling lizardfolk. I can use the figures that I have for most of the encounters. And it keeps those who think everything has to go by the rule book from knowing what they are facing. I think it will be fun.

And I can use my other figures to do a lot of Evil Empire humans for the other bad guys if I desire. I certainly have a large enough collection of human figures to use for that if I want.

I can easily see myself working on the figures I have for quite a while in fact. It is fun to have a time when I can do that now, what with the working from home once a week. And I have already begun plotting how I would make up a painting set that I could bring in to the office occasionally. Painting is certainly a fun thing to do, and definitely occupies my mind while I work on it.

There you have it, using the resources I have to kill several birds with one stone. Want miniatures for the games? Fine, use my warhammer miniatures. Don’t have a bunch of traditional fantasy bad guys? Just make up some based on what miniatures I have. Need something to pass the time while working from home? Do some painting, which is more productive than playing computer games and takes less of a toll on my tendinitis. All problems solved through the desire to make up a good role playing game campaign.


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