Recognizing that an End just means another Beginning #Roleplaying #DnD

The town of Makori readied itself. The people knew that a huge hoard of terrifying creatures was coming their way. And there was no way to know how long they must hold out, or if it would be long enough for the Dragon Clan army to arrive.

What they did know was that they had the power of some mighty heroes on their side. Kathren Winterbreath, a fearsome warrior, deadly with her blade of cold. Belial Kendar, a Proud Paladin, ready with his mighty Glaive of lightning. Bobjon, mighty sorcerer, summoner of fire and fearsome creatures. Mister Fish, Cleric of war and craftsmanship, maker of mighty weapons. These mighty heroes had done much in service of the town, and would have to summon all their powers for one last fight.

The Saurians of the southern jungle had sent a force of Rangers and Knights to come help defend the town. The Queen of the Thri Kreen had also sent a group of her warriors as well. With this help, and the group of town defenders that had trained under Kathren, and armed by Fish, would all combine to help stave off this massive attack.

It was nearly dusk when the Orcs began to appear. They could hear their shouting and chanting as they broke out of the forest. Behind the leading line they could see the leader, a massive Ogre creature wielding a huge sword, urging on the Orcs. It was time for battle!

Tonight the boys will not do a lot of role playing, they will let their spells and weapons tell the tale. These are mighty powerful characters, 11th level, weighted down with magic items. And I am making sure that they know that it is not a night for holding back. Play smart, but still do not hold back items in reserve.

Because tonight is the end of this campaign. It has been fun for the most part. We have all learned a lot. I have a much better handle on what it means to run a campaign. And also a much better idea how to deal with the boys and make the games fun and challenging.

But tonight is just the first chapter (hopefully.) Work has already begun on the next chapter. A new campaign, returning to D&D 5E, with a commitment from me to stick with that system. New characters, new ideas. I am looking forward to that next step.

Because this is all a learning curve. Jimmy was commenting on how exciting the Denver game is. And I explained that one of the reasons is that our DM has been running games for a really long time, while this was my first real experience running a campaign instead of just a session or two. And the boys are also all still learning to play, learning the rules, figuring out what they want to do, and what will be fun. As in all things, practice makes perfect.

So tonight is an end, but it also heralds a new beginning for us all.

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