The adventure begins #DnD #Roleplaying #Fiction

An accounting of the latest Vieje celebration from Marquis Granatiz to his Excellency the Count.

Our yearly Vieje celebration was again a success. The entire town and surrounding community joined in to celebrate the change in the season, and send off our young people on their assigned journeys.

The groups of young people seemed well matched, save the third. The first two groups were given simple assignments by Father Barraca and went forth in cordial amity. Excited to see the world beyond the borders of our farms.

The third group is a concern however. It is the group consisting of three orphans and the young gnome lady you were concerned with. The leader of the group, Munchdrin, appears to be well suited for that task, having been well raised by some foresters, by all reports he is a promising young Ranger. The gnome Tyria is a source of concern, we have had a history of the gnomes getting badly hurt or killed on their Vieje, and this one could very easily be another casualty. The orphan boy Draconess continued his normal care free attitude, cheerfully looking forward to the journey, and he holds almost as much promise as his brother. However, the orphaned dwarven boy Kildrak was already as much a source of tension as we thought.

Apparently there is a long lasting enmity between Kildrak and Draconess and the dwarf did not hesitate at the chance to initiate hostilities again during the celebration. Leading to a near riot as Tyria led the young ladies of the area in an attempt to save Draconess. Fortunately our guards were able to quickly squash things. 

I am worried that this pairing will cause problems on their Vieje, but as always I bow to the wisdom of the Father in making these groupings. And strangely this group was also given the most difficult task of all the groups. Again I hope that the Father knows what he is doing in choosing the groups and their assignments. But I will not be surprised if only one or two members of this group returns.

The first night of the new campaign was a resounding success. The boys did not want to stop, and are already pressing for an earlier session than the normal 2 weeks.

They all enjoyed their new characters, and their new weaknesses and strengths. I have to get adjusted to running D&D again, with 1st level characters. The system is generally more forgiving, but not that forgiving.

We got the boys through with making their characters, and the initial equipment. And then did the initial steps of the campaign. Which I thought went very well, I actually had reason to award inspiration as 2 of the players very definitely stuck to their backgrounds very well.

I am excited for the direction this game can go in now. If they can keep up this creativity and having fun with the larger game it will be far more interesting for me to run. Because I get to play referee more than conductor of the train now. I can do more as a GM when the players are working more with the system, rather than just figuring out the monsters of the week.


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