Just overflowing with inspiration these days #DnD #Roleplaying #inspiration @TheAngryGM

Some times as a GM you have to search for inspiration. Where do your stories come from? What kind of game to I want to run? How can I describe the events I want the players to experience? And some times that inspiration is not there, you run into a brick wall when trying to come up with a game.

But now is not one of those times for me. My cup is overflowing with inspiration for the games I am running and playing. Here are just a couple of these sources, and how they inspire me.


I am currently engaged in the long term re-reading of the Wheel of Time novels. Not strictly a high fantasy genre book (no elves, dwarves, dragons etc.) it is still a good source of ideas and concepts. I will be modeling the Elves in the boys campaign on the Aiel of that series.

But I have taken a break from that as a few books have made it to me after long holds at the library. The latest R.A. Salvatore book, Archmage, about as traditional a high fantasy book as there is. Always good for D&D ideas. And Half a War by Joe Abercrombie, the last book in a trilogy set in a medieval world with lots of Viking overtones, but no magic. Lots of good ideas as far as settings.


Speaking of Vikings, I finally got around to watching the first season of Vikings. Which was a really excellent show, and left me wishing for ways to watch the next two seasons. This also gives me ideas, and thoughts on how a truly medieval culture might work, instead of the ‘clean’ looks one gets from high fantasy sources.

And lately I have been working my through the television series of From Dusk till Dawn. Yes, it is not a fantasy series, or historical or medieval. But it is full of lots of cool ideas. Ideas for antagonists for the boys to eventually come across. And ideas for my Snake Shaman character in my Denver game (except he is a Good guy.)

And that is just the things I have been doing in the past couple of weeks. As you can see I have no shortage of sources to go to when it comes to inspiration for the games. Really the only problems is reining in my imagination and not letting all these diverse sources lead to a game that is inconsistent.

That is where I have relying the writings of the @TheAngryGM for help in keeping myself straight. Guiding a successful game, and using the tools I have gained from reading his articles. It helps me keep things straight.

And knowing that the boys are more relaxed and accepting now, looking beyond the fights, also helps. Because I can start to do more with the game if they pay attention to that sort of thing. It all distills together eventually.

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