Death to the Khan! And pulling out more stops #DnD #Roleplayinggames

Viper hope for a vision as they prepared to enter the hall of the Khan. He reached into his mind to prepare the spells he would need. He planned out in his mind the actions he would take. For no snake charges into battle, they plan, they try to catch their enemy by surprise. 

He also pondered on the hatred of the Undead. A snake wants live prey, not some dead thing. These foul creatures were not prey, they were less than prey, they were simply trash to be disposed of. Who corrupted and destroyed the land, keeping honest animals from living here and thriving. It was time for this scourge to end. One battle would not spell the end of all Undead, but it was a worthwhile start, and might restore this piece of land to life. For that and other reasons this battle must be joined.

Denver game this week, and we are excited. Finally get to go toe to toe with this damn Wight king. It will be good to play again, and this time my character will have a little more to do. He is not well suited to the type of dungeon slog we fought through last game, he needs places to hide, room to maneuver.

And then, assuming we survive, we will finally get to return to our base and spend some of this well earned loot. I am so ready, I have a list of items that I have come up with, and how much they will cost. That is one of the big differences in Pathfinder and D&D. In D&D there is no price list, or formula for making magical devices. You just get what is there. While in Pathfinder there are rules, and prices for everything. It is what I first liked about Pathfinder, but now think can bog the game down a little too much. I mean it is fun as a player to come up with stuff, but as a GM it just adds to the work.

I have actually been working on the boys game some more. making maps for the next session, instead of free forming it in my head. And from there beginning the next game for them. It is all coming together. I am enjoying digging a little deeper with this game, pulling out a few more stops in preparation. I cannot remember the last time I sat down with a sheet of graph paper and mapped out a dungeon. It is kind of fun to think in these terms and I think it will make for a much better game for all of us.

I also got some more paints today, lots of desert type colors, as that is the motif for the boys D&D campaign (or close enough to it.) Which means that the figures I will be painting will be more fitting to the game and what the boys will be fighting. I thought about buying some more figures, but held off, I have plenty to work with right now. No reason to add to the collection, I need to just use what I have for now.


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