Inspiration, and more progress on the miniature front #RPG

Made a lot of progress on the miniature painting front yesterday. Although there was a disappointing setback. But overall it was a good day for painting. And I want to take a few moments to talk about how I wish a group that was still into the World of Darkness roleplaying world.

I pretty much finished the first group of Lagarto Skinks (Lizardmen) yesterday. I was able to just paint the bases with some new sand colored paint I picked up last week. Since I will be using the for role playing rather than table top games I didn’t feel the need to do some fancy flocking. But after matte coating them and some of the other stuff I had done, I am happy with how they look, more than suitable for role playing.

I got started on some rats (Skaven) too. And I am very excited with how they are looking. I just created a folder on Flickr strictly for miniatures. And you can see how they look. I think they will be very good looking on the table top for role playing.

My setback came when I was simultaneously matte coating the lizards, and then did a primer on the rats. some wind blew the primer onto my new figure I had painted for my Denver character. That was disappointing to say the least, because what I saw made it look real good before it was covered. But I just stripped of as much paint as I could and went back to work on a different paint job. A little lighter colored this time around. Should still be good.


I mentioned watching the television show From Dusk till Dawn last week. Well I am now fully caught up with it, with one episode remaining in the season. And the only thing I can think of is how I wish I was still with a group of role players willing to give the World of Darkness a shot. Because this show is really pretty much how I viewed the Vampire world working in a role playing situation.

The characters all running around with different agendas. Not everyone is a Vampire, and some are just trying to survive. It is a lot of fun. But then again, I appreciate a lot of the stuff that is on the El Rey network. I dig that B Movie schtick that Tarantino and Rodriguez work so hard to replicate and pay homage to.

I was never a fan of those who thought the Vampire games should be played like some deeply involved slow pace politics. I think it would always have been more fun with this approach. And if I knew the right group of players, people who got this approach, it would be a lot of fun to run that kind of game.

And now this weekend I get to binge watch Vikings, and get a whole bunch more ideas for that. Oh yeah, blood, battles, and a true dark ages frontier life.


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