Frontiers and Rangers #DnD #RPG #Fiction

(Excerpted from ‘The Tortugan Expansion, a History of the Frontiers’ by Countess Imelda De Vista)

Perhaps the best friend of the frontier settlers was the Guardabosque Cuerpo. These Rangers were the early warning system for the settlers and the garrisons of the frontier posts. Today the Guadabosque Cuerpo remains as a legal entity that performs legal investigations and can be called in when the local guards need help with difficult situations. But it was during their formative years that the Guardabosque Cuerpo really developed it’s reputation.

It was the Rosada Elf Zethoriel that first conceived of organizing and formalizing the Rangers on the frontier, specifically those in el Condando Rosaroca. He knew that there were any number of potential dangers in the surrounding area. And, more importantly, that it was best to not just rely on Adventurer companies to locate, defeat and clear out these dangers. That what was needed was a system of regulating the work of the many Rangers in the area. Making certain that they all had the required training. And then assigning them areas to watch over. And for those who wanted the independence of joining adventuring compacts or companies making certain that they still had responsibilities to the Count. 

The last was truly the final piece in the puzzle of maintaining border security, as well as clearing out potential threats. By requiring that those who had Ranger training were still considered Rangers, with the duties and responsibilities it gave the Corps a very effective adjunct force that could act as an additional buffer. This gave those on the frontier 3 levels of security. The adventuring Rangers, out in the wilderness, seeking out the new, finding dangers, defeating them or reporting on them. The patrolling Rangers, made up of Rangers who often had completed time in Adventuring companies, and their trainees. And last was the standing militia which could respond in force to what the Rangers reported on.

These early Rangers, trained by Zethoriel, put the fear into the raiding parties of the Lagarto, any would be bandits, and Los Seguidora el Dragon. Striking without warning, seemingly everywhere on the frontier. They often knew the territory better than those who had lived there all their lives. There are many tales of their heroism, and many innocent lives were spared due to their vigilance.

When they boys decided that two of their characters were going to be Rangers my mind really began to kick into gear. And the makeup of the group is definitely more of the stealth orientation. So that gave me some cool ideas.

Then, while watching From Dusk Till Dawn, I had a follow up idea. One of the main characters is a Texas Ranger, and there is some dialogue that hints at a more mystical background for the Rangers. That they existed to do more than fight bandits, Indians etc. And that really got my creative juices flowing.

That here on this frontier the Ranger class is not just a group of tree hugging fighters. That they are the first line of defense. Defending against potential invaders. Locating and killing the occasional wandering monster. Learning the territory so the farmers and merchants knew what areas were truly safe.

They aren’t the local cavalry troop, with the implied discipline. Nor are they the Sheriffs, with the implied law enforcement responsibility. No, in this case the Rangers are there to find, identify, and if possible, remove potential threats. They can negotiate with native tribes if possible.

All of this gives me lots of ideas for story arcs within the overall campaign. And hooks for a lot of stories.


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