More and more progress, the campaign is coming together #DnD #RPG

This has been a good week for progress on the campaign and hobbies in general. I have made some real progress with my campaign planning for the boys. I also took a step back on the painting and yet managed to make some outstanding progress on that front at the same time.

I stuck with my plan to put down the brushes for a little while. I just did not like how that last set of figures looked, and decided that there were a couple of reasons. First, as cool as the miniatures looked to me at one time, they just aren’t that good looking, so any painted work will not turn out well. Second, I probably needed a break from painting, to get my head and eyes a break.

Yesterday I concentrated on one project. I assembled and put on stands all of the remaining Skaven from the Isle of Blood set. Except those that I will have no reason to use in role playing, given that I am not settling into a wholly Warhammer world, there will be no gunpowder weapons. So I am also not putting together the Skaven mortar and warpfire thrower miniatures for my game. That said I now have plenty of figures to paint, and use for what could be some epic battles:


I decided to just say screw it, and call them Skaven in the boys game. The Spanish word for rats is not very cool sounding, and I did not want to just refer to them as ratfolk or ratlings. It’s not like my campaign is intended for publication or anything that will bring the GW lawyers knocking at my door (knock on wood.)

I also did some work on the campaign, mapping out the floors of the ‘dungeon’ that the boys will begin to deal with next week. I actually enjoyed this. It has been a long time since I actually mapped anything like this. And it gave me some fun mental flashbacks. And keying it all will be next. I am actually feeling pretty ambitious about all this.

The problem is that in the scope of the game I initially planned for one more short adventure that will get them all a level up to third level, which is a big step in D&D 5E. Then alter the campaign after that. But what I have put together could very easily push them well past that point. And the last thing I want to do is have them do the crest to a new level in the middle of the arc.

That brings up an interesting discussion. When do the characters level up? And if they do, how do you handle it. While moving from 2 to 3 is not the jump that say 4 to 5 is, it is still a jump. And from a pure role playing perspective I want the boys to understand the choices they all make when they make that change. One of the problems our Denver game is running into is timing that level up. Our last one took place in the middle of a dungeon, so characters got some of what they earned, but not all of it because they didn’t really have the chance to re-rack their spells they way the would have if they were between adventures.

So I am trying my best to be cognizant of all this, and create games that will track their earnings and not get a surprise level change like that.

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