I will defend it with my last breath, and looking forward to the weekend #Starwars #RPG #DnD

Like I mentioned yesterday I just finished reading the latest Star Wars novel. I will admit I was slow on getting into reading some of the novels for Star Wars. And I have not ever really gotten into the comic books. So I am not 100% integrated into the entire canon. But I am still a huge fan of the series. And in recent years I have gradually read through more of the books, and really enjoyed them.

And I am very excited about the new movie, and the new ‘canon’. I am excited for the movies. I am glad that there will be new merchandise. And I liked the new book, describing a new universe. But, and here is where I diverge from most people, I enjoyed movies 1-3. They were fun movies. There was some cool action. I saw people running around with lightsabers fighting other people with light sabers. And big battles where lots of shit got blowed up real good! Were there some plot holes? Yes. Were there some annoying points, and characters? Sure. But I don’t care, because I go to movies to be entertained, not expecting Shakespeare.

And so I like all of the movies, and the television shows (although I have not really gotten into Rebels.) And I will defend them as what they are: pure fun entertainment. I don’t care about all the little stuff. And for that reason, I will enjoy the new movie, because it already promises all the things I like: action, lightsaber battles, stuff getting blowed up real good. If the plot makes some level of sense, and the comic relief fits in without chewing up the scenery, well that just become gravy.


On another subject this weekend is our Pathfinder game in Denver. I am excited to play again. When we left off we had reached the point where we could finally liquidate our treasure and sell it all. And then turn around and spend that loot on things that we wanted. That’s always a fun time. I have compiled a list of what I want to spend money on. And it is all things that will go toward my cinematic vision of my character.

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy this diversion in Denver. I am not so good at doing the role playing as the GM for the boys campaign. So the Denver game is my chance to really get into a character once a month. Make some choices that don’t necessarily make strategic sense but do make sense to the character. That’s something I cannot always do as a GM.


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