Developing and working, yes that is what is fun for me in Pathfinder #RPG

Viper had made his commitment to the Great Serpent while deep in the bowels of the Tomb of Jubla Khan. But now that he had returned home to Clermont he could truly do those things that would make him one with the Serpent.

A snake is logical, rational. A snake does not seek danger. A snake attacks from hiding or in mortal defense. A snake seeks to avoid conflict, except on his own terms. A snake relies on fear, intimidation and trickery to keep those who would harm it away.

It is with those things in mind that he began to acquire and add those things that would become closer to that ideal. He had the Mark of the Snake magically added to his skin, to allow him to converse with snakes at any time, and strike fear in those he chose. He purchased the Cobra Amulet, giving him greater powers of resistance and protection. He added to his existing armor, giving it an improved ability to hide and avoid his enemies. 

He would still travel with these odd people, and help in their quest to bring balance to the world. Ridding it of the terrible forces of undeath. And he would find a way to help them in battle, so long as that help did not require him to lead them into or seek out battle. Now was the time to think, to assume the guise of the Snake, and hunt their prey, and fight it on their terms, not the terms of the enemy.

We had our game in Denver on Sunday. It was not an eventful game. There was one combat, that was set up purely as an ambush with limited options for the party. And with those limited options my character did what he could: hid, struck an enemy from hiding. It wasn’t much, but it did help.

After that, and some extended role playing, we got our chance to do some shopping. Which meant I was able to acquire most of the items I had researched, priced out and built up on paper. And now I am even more excited about what my character can and cannot do. It is really pretty cool. Now I just have to have some situations with more options in them for me to be effective.

Jimmy and I had a talk on the way up, about the merits of D&D 5E and Pathfinder. And we both agreed that D&D 5E is great. And Pathfinder is a lot of fun as a player, if you care enough to think about all the stuff you can and cannot do. And it is a great system in the hands of an experienced GM.

But the mistake I made was in trying to introduce the boys to the system. With the exception of Jimmy, they just are not interested enough in the game to really dig into the little fiddly bits that are there in Pathfinder. Little tricks and fun things you can do in the system. Some of that exists in 5E, but not in the same way as Pathfinder.  If the boys had been more experienced, and interested in really diving into their characters from a rules standpoint, it would have been a lot more fun.

But that is all okay. Because Jimmy and I can get the best of both worlds. We both get to play Pathfinder once a month. And spend time scheming and planning for those sessions and making subtle changes.

And then I get to run and he gets to play in 5E with the boys. Where we can both focus more on the broader strokes of role playing, and less on working out the mental puzzles that can come up in Pathfinder.

And then yesterday I was stuck at home with sick kids. And I spent quite a bit of time playing more with the App that I use to track my character in the Denver game. And I figured out one of the bigger puzzles that had been sitting in my brain. So I now know how to use better, which makes it even more fun to use.  Which is akin to the overall issue of the two games. In one my character requires time playing with an App, in the other I am constantly writing and updating the story and campaign.



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