Sometimes you just want to make a character #DnD #RPG

His name is Svarrag, he is a Dragonborn, born the child of one of the soldiers in the Company of the Red River. He is strong, and hardy, and was raised in the company of soldiers. His mother was one of the company healers, but he spent just as much time with the regular soldiers as with the priests.

He was always a leader, and strong of mind. Unafraid of any of the other children who might bully him. But he was not a fighter, instead he learned to talk himself out confrontations.

He was picked out by the Vizier at an early age for his spark. Receiving training as a wizard. Being a member of the company of soldiers he chose to specialize in the spells that could be used in combat. He was a stubborn student, bright and competent, but hard to train.

He read about the Aguja de Plata in his teacher’s notes. And the thought that there might be magical items there, items of power, or at the least items that could be used to create and cast spells. So he ventured forth on his own soon after he passed his apprentice tests. And went forth to the ruins. Not realizing that soon after the Count would be dispatching another group to explore the same ruins.

Intelligent and curious, unafraid for his life to the point of foolishness Svaragg explored the ruins. Until one evening when he was deep in the ruins, still looking for any signs of magic. When skeletons began emerging from a hole in the ground in the ruins he was standing in. He had not prepared his combat spells that day, so he laid about him with his staff, damaging some of the skeletons but not enough to send them away. The last thing he remembered was trying to fight one skeleton when he was hit in the head from behind and knocked unconscious.

The next he knew he lay in a dark room, bound hand and foot, and the solid door to the room was closed tight. He was a prisoner, and had no access to any of his materials and only his wits and breath to try to escape. Neither of which was enough at this point.

I was bored this afternoon. And it had been a while since I created a character. So I sat down and created an NPC that the boys will run into soon. An NPC that they could very well have to deal with in the future, as an ally and possibly a companion. As I have said in the past, creating characters is fun. And it is good to take some time to do that in order to help expand your knowledge of the game and the system.

I am looking forward to introducing the boys to him and then seeing what they do. How do they handle someone who is not an enemy? And while temporarily helpless is not a creature in distress. And it will give me another lever to get them moving from time to time.


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