Pondering some different challenges in #DnD and #RPG’s

Two movies I watched Friday night got me thinking. First, about the mechanics of dueling. Second, got me thinking about religion on Role playing games in general. And of course this week I am excited as the Denver game is this weekend.

When I got home on Friday night after running some errands I sat down to watch some TV. And what should be on but the last 30 minutes or so of The Quick & the Dead. That got me thinking about Dueling. And how could you perform a duel in D&D 5E.

First, I do think Deadlands does an outstanding job with the Western movie quick draw contest. I really think it is the best system for that. And it better be, considering it is a game set in the Western movie genre.

Second, while it is not that big of a deal in movies there is a tradition, at least in Japanese fiction, of the quick draw sword duel. So much so that there is even a branch of the martial art of sword work devoted to sword quick draws. Which was what really got me thinking.

The thing I was thinking about was replicating that type of duel in D&D 5E. I even engaged in a Twitter exchange with @TheAngryGM about it. The upshot of that was that there is no way to accomplish two big things. Who goes first will still primarily left up to the dice roll for initiative, there are only so many things you could do mechanically to alter and/or change that. The more important point is that in D&D it really does not matter as much who goes first. Unless you are facing up at first or second levels there is little chance of a one shot kill, so your opponent will get to strike back, it really doesn’t matter who struck first.

I think Angry will write more on the  general subject of dueling and setting up the scene at some point, so I will leave this alone. I just wanted to point out where my thoughts were.

The other thing I watched Friday night was The Last Valley, an older movie centered on the Thirty Years War. Which was probably one of the most brutal wars in history. My studies of that war had a big influence on me. And this movie brought all that back to the surface. But the biggest thing I wanted to discuss was how little I think religion comes up in RPG’s, especially Fantasy ones.

Now of course people play RPG’s to escape from reality, and the last thing we want to think about is a world full of religious strife. But I think that a world where players are playing Priests and Paladins of various faiths has a lot of potential for some rich role playing. There could be multiple campaigns centered on the group crusading for their Faith, just a rich area for role playing. Although it is a bit mature for the boys campaign. But a lot of the sidebar role playing in our Pathfinder game involves arguments over whose God is better, like it was a matter of competition. Which would make sense in a polytheistic culture, but there is still room to have a little more fun.

Which reminds me that we play the Pathfinder game this Sunday. I am pretty excited, as we got to spend a lot of of loot last time, and now I can really stretch out more with my character. I am looking forward to flip flopping how I play my character again as he is better set to do what I really want him to do now. I am excited about that.

As you can see, lots of role playing things on my mind this weekend. I love inspiring weekends like this.


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