Slithering forward, accepting a role #DnD #Pathfinder #RPG

I am ready to accept a greater role in my mission, restoring the world to to health and balance. Oh Great Serpent, as I go forth in the world, know that you are with me, and I strive only to do your will.

Viper moved forward with a decided step. Adopting the movement of a snake, sinuous and silent. No longer would he skulk in the rear, watching the backs of his party. Nor would he be the sacrificial lamb, charging forward blindly into battle. He would take the fight to the evil forces he had vowed to cleanse from the world. He would range forth, let the other know what evils were out there, and then assume the guise of the predator. He would be the one setting the traps, the hammer to the party’s anvil.

He had what he wanted now, the ability to blend in, befuddle the minds of those who would seek him out. The ability to strike quickly and silently from hiding, harrying those who passed. To communicate with the creatures of nature, use them to send messages to his allies. 

Yes he was ready, the Great Serpent had truly blessed him and rewarded his efforts. Now it was time to continue his journey. Move on to the next foul creature of darkness and cleanse their taint from the world.

Today we return to our Denver game. Well I do, sadly Jimmy will not be attending due to attendance and health issues adversely affecting his grades. But I will be there and as usual I am pretty pumped.

After the massive loot pile from last time was finally spent I am pretty excited about everything that my character can do. His armor, hit points and saves are good enough to handle himself if he makes first contact. His stealth skills and acrobatics skills are good enough that he can escape battle if he needs to. And his spells and abilities are now becoming more and more useful to the party.

If you have been reading this for long you realize that what I have been doing with this character has evolved over the course of the campaign. And that is fine. Some people know what they want a character to do in a game and work on exactly that. But I tend to take a more relaxed, let it evolve gradually, approach to these things.

In the end his role has not really changed. He is the stealthy, missile user in the party. The closest thing to a solo adventurer the party has. And I have worked on that, getting items and developing skills so that I can range out on my own. It has not always worked that way. And in some scenarios it was best for me to hug the back. And that might still be the case in some of what happens moving forward. But for now I think I can take a more active scout role. Because after all a scout should be scouting, not hiding (at leas until contact has been made with the enemy.)


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