Another day, another pair of characters #RPG #Pathfinder

Merakeen, the terror of the Wastelands, Protector of Wadeen city of Bronze, preened in her place of honor. The people of Wadeen had created this fine Temple just for her. Their leaders and priests were assembled below her perch at the top of the dais. They arranged themselves down the steps leading up to her in some order they determined themselves. And order that she cared little about. All that she cared about were the hosannas being sung in her name, and the chests and casks of offerings being made to her.

For this was the Day of the Dragon, or so these mortals called it. It was the day of the year when she came to the city to collect her tribute. And they would sing her praises, thanking her for her protection over the years. As if killing and taking the gold from those who came in her territory was something she did out of the goodness of her own heart. But she was never one to turn down an offer of tribute and offers of praise, after all it was only fitting and deserving.

“And last we have the opportunity to present our latest two Disciples for your examination. These two were accepted into training after your last visit and have progressed far in their training. They are both promising Disciples.

“First, the dwarf Svaragg, former Monk of Torag, who felt the stirrings of your blood last year. He chose to not continue as a Sorcerous Adept, and instead took the trials of the Dragon.”

A younger dwarf in loose fitting clothing stepped up to the lowest step of the dais. Wearing green clothes, with a small amount of bronze jewelry the dwarf looked very imposing, strong, and yet seemingly very agile. He moved with a grace and polite presence, bowing to her with the correct amount of obeisance.

“Second, the elf Shaidar Suroth, a Sorcerous Adept who clearly felt more comfortable fighting. He chose to take up the studies of the Disciples after a year of training in the Royal Dragon Corps.”

This should be interesting, thought Merakeen. And was not disappointed at the sight of an Elf leaping over the first rank of those present, immediately going through a series fast and impressive maneuvers with the elven long spear. He then strode up next to the dwarf, clearly very impressed with himself. He did look good in his red and green clothing, with a beautiful engraved breast plate. 

“These are the only new inductees this year in the corps of your Disciples oh gracious one.”

“These will do nicely Lord Fezibar, they both look quite promising, send them to my keep where they will join the others.”

I created these two the past couple of days. Playing with the Dragon Disciple prestige class from Pathfinder. I created them as tenth level, quite powerful characters. I like to create characters as a hobby, and I like to have some around at the same level as my current character should something terrible happen and it is time to come up with something new.

The dwarf started as a monk, reaching 5th level. Then took one level as a sorcerer with draconic heritage. And the 4 levels as a Dragon Disciple. He would be very dangerous in close combat, able to inflict good damage with his bare hands. And his go to spell is to enlarge to increase his damage dice.

The elf would have started as a sorcerer, then turned to fighter before becoming a Disciple. I sat down and figured out all the good cinematic maneuvers to come up with a fighter capable of wielding a glaive like Oberyn Martell from Game of Thrones. Then added the Dragon Disciple attributes to make him extra dangerous. His go to spell is Jump, so that he can better execute the kind of acrobatic, leaping strikes and retreats that I would envision.

Both would be fun characters to play, and I would have no problem falling back on them if I needed to. I think that they would have the right mix of power and cinematic skills to fit into the Denver game.



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