Diving back into it, and a Merry Geekmas! #DnD #RPG

Tonight we return to the boys campaign. I am excited to play again, especially since I left things off at a somewhat cliffhangerish point last time. They were in the depths of a dungeon, and I didn’t say they were resting, just that they had just finished off some bugbears. So who knows what sort of things they will encounter tonight (well obviously I know, but they don’t, and I can’t reveal as I think my son occasionally reads this blog.)

It should be fun to dive into this adventure. And the best part is that I am pretty far ahead in my planning, with the next arc already started, so I am fully prepared for tonight. I have ran through the next point over in my head a few times, enough that I should have no problem just diving into it tonight.


Let me say I am glad to be running D&D 5E though. I enjoy playing Pathfinder, and there are a lot of resources there. But I think there is almost too much to work with, it is daunting. Plus I prefer my systems to be a little more elegant. I used to love the real granular systems, I loved GURPS for years, and Shadowrun is really good. But over the years my preferences when it comes to running a game have changed. I like a little less crunch, and a little more elegance, a simpler system where anything can be resolved with a simple dice roll.

I picked up the rule book for the Mutant Chronicles role playing game yesterday. And from what I have read it is an interesting system. And the rule book is pretty extraordinary. But it is one of those systems where there is a rule for everything. And to be honest that can be a little daunting, a little hard to just dive into.


Last, the one thing that is on everyone’s mind, and the question most people ask me: when am I going to see Star Wars? I’m not sure yet to be honest. I have the time next week if I can convince Kim that we should go see it. But she is not nearly as excited as I am about it. But I do know I will see it, and probably sooner than later.

That being said, go ahead tell me what you thought. I can take it. Like Patrick Swayze says about pain in Roadhouse, Spoilers don’t hurt! I know this is not some movie like Sixth Sense where the whole movie rests on a final reveal at the end. This is Star Wars, I go to see the characters, to see them blow crap up with blasters and slice things up with lightsabers. Nothing they can include in the movie will ruin that experience for me.

Because when it comes to Star Wars, I am looking for one thing: entertainment. It is why I am not as offended by the prequel trilogy as some people might be. Because they were fun for the most part. And that is all I ask.

It is why I absolutely loved Wil Wheaton’s turn on Big Bang Theory last night. Hey guys it’s just a movie, when I see it, and come out, I will get in my car, go home, and wake up the next morning the same person I was when I enter it. I am way past the point where spoilers bother me in any form of entertainment. The story is the thing, the pictures on the screen, the dialogue, the words in the book, they all form a whole. It is why I re-read books I love, re-watch movies and TV shows I like. Did it matter that Vader was really Anakin? No, I still enjoyed all of the original movies.


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