Finished the Ruins, and on to the next step #DnD #RPG

Friday night we had the boys game. It went well for the most part. They ran into most of the things I planned for them. They survived some real challenges, but had fun with it.

I was a little worried that the night of the last day of school would not go well. But they remained focused for the most part. I was able to play my monsters straight up, without creating any real problems.

Now they have all leveled up again. At fourth level, without any magic items to speak of. And starting to get into their characters for the most part. That is a bit of a quandary for me. Because not all of the boys are outgoing loud kids. So it is hard to get a feel for them being in character.

I was going to try and play the weekend after Xmas. Thinking I would be motivated to put together the next step in the campaign. But that has not happened yet. So I decided to push the game out to New Years Day. I am taking my time with this game, creating real adventures that make sense instead of just randomly throwing out monsters. So it just would not make sense to rush into the next game. As it is a slightly longer arc, and I want it to be of a piece instead of just piece meal.

Thats an important lesson to keep in mind. If you don’t have a game ready, but the campaign and arc are important to you, don’t just jump into is. If you have to, skip the game rather than spoil things with random encounters for the sake of creating encounters.

It is a question of pride, and having a real grasp of the campaign. I have played in games where the GM winged a session and it went well. But that only works if there is an internal arc that the GM can stick to. My current campaign is not that well laid out, so I cannot just wing an adventure.

Another option would be to have players who will drive the campaign. In our Denver game we have characters and players who have missions and quests that the GM can fall back on to anchor an adventure. The boys are not at the point where they drive the game. They will not just get out and wander around, or come up with their own quests. So I need to provide the direction. Which is fine, they will get there.

So in the end , the combination of my needing to plan and the boys not providing their own arc led me to push the game out a week. Which will work out in the end. Because if we all want the quality games I have been turning in recently to continue this is the best choice.




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