Into the high desert #DnD #RPG

It is time to take the boys into a new campaign arc. This one is a little longer, and complex than what they have done so far. I am excited for the start this weekend. I am eager to move into this next phase of their story. I am also to get to play more with the setting, bring some grit to the campaign.

Last night Kim and I were watching the latest season of the show Longmire on Netflix. And that as much as anything is what inspired me for descriptions of what comes next. The show is supposed to take place in Montana, but is actually filmed in northern New Mexico. Which is just fine for me. I love that part of the country, the scenery is gorgeous. And more importantly it gives me a mental image to use in my descriptions of this next phase.

Because the party will be asked to go on a long exploration journey into a land that resembles that same high desert country. Dry, with long vistas ending in a series of forbidding peaks.

And remember, much of the inspiration for this game does not come from traditional fantasy. Instead it is fueled by a childhood watching Westerns, and the region I live (Colorado.) This is not a campaign of wandering from castle to castle, with villages dotted thickly in between. Instead this campaign is taking place on the frontier of human settlement, with people and ‘civilization’ few and far between.

This week they will begin an exploration that could end in a clash of cultures. And it will be up to them to act properly to avoid causing a major incident. Who knows how they will handle it?

And, this is one of those adventures and points in a game where the GM has to take his gloves off. I will leave it up to the players to survive through proper actions. I am not going for a TPK. But they are at a stage where things will be truly dangerous. And it is also a cut off where if a character dies a new one could come in without too much adjustment and ‘character building’ that comes from repeated sessions. So beware, this is where the gritty part of the campaign revs up.



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